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  1. 1. How can I sacksomeone thatdoesnt turn up atwork?
  2. 2. First see:“My Employee hasnt turned up to work”Go through those steps
  3. 3. IVE DONE THAT. NOW WHAT?If you have not seen them for a fewdays, and dont know where theyare, write a letter in the firstinstance, inviting them to a meetingThe meeting should be informal
  4. 4. WHAT IF THEY DONT COME TO THEMEETING?write them a second letter invitingthem to a disciplinary meeting for:Failure to attend workFailure to follow a reasonablemanagement instruction (i.e.attending the original meeting.
  5. 5. WHAT DO I SAY IN MY LETTER?The letter should state that a decision canbe made in their absence if they fail toattendIt should also be highlighted that aconsequence of non-attendance could belosing their jobGive them a reasonable time to attend themeeting
  6. 6. THE MEETINGHold the meeting with or without youremployeeKeep detailed notes of the meetingInform the employee of your decision
  7. 7. QuestionsContact Us:www.employerslawyers.co.uk