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power point presentation of CPD

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  2. 2. AN INTERVIEW OF A CONTRIBUTER Presented by: Patel sheetalkumar En.no: 140210106045 GOVERNTMENT ENGINEERING COLLAGE, BHAVNAGAR
  3. 3. Name : Patel Sheetalbhai Dept : civil En.no : 140210106045 College : Government engineering college bhavnagar
  4. 4. CONTRIBUTER  Mr. Harshadbhai parmar  The principal of The J M PATEL chikhli High School from 2000 to 2015
  5. 5. INFORMATION OF CONTRIBUTOR  It focuses on the contributor to their individual field and from my vision I find my school principal Harshadbhai parmar as a contributor in his field of work.  He works as principal since 15-16 years in the school.
  6. 6. EXPIRIANCE  15 years of experience principal in The chikhli High School.  Has a great experience of teaching work and responsibility.
  7. 7. ACCORDING TO HIM:  Goal: To improve quality of Education.  Mission: The Harshadbhai parmar Education Foundation works to have a positive impact on financially vulnerable rural students in a scalable and sustainable way. For the past decade we have worked closely with communities in Gujarat, India  Vision: They strive to uphold the highest professional standards of international development
  8. 8. QUALITY OF EDUCATION  During his tenure as Principal at The chikhli High School , Principal Harshadbhai parmar inspired his students and staff to work hard, to value education, and to serve as models in the community.
  9. 9. Cultural Sensitivity  They are aware that we operate in a different, vibrant, and nuanced culture. It is important to us that our work is informed by and suited to the local context.
  10. 10. EDUCATION WORK BY THEM  The Harshadbhai parmar Education Foundation which works to improve standards of English language and technical education among tribal students in south Gujarat.
  11. 11. SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM VISION  Short term vision is improve English language of the student and also improved the quality of education.  Long term vision is they are focusing our efforts on the fact that a college education is an option for only 1 in 10 students in India.
  12. 12. ADVISE FOR THE FUTURE ENGINEER  There is no any key for success expect do it for yours you cannot have success from other’s efforts so you have o do it yourself.  Keep your vision clear and work towards it’s fulfilment without fear of failure. You will have it.
  13. 13. LIFE EXPERIENCE  He joined the b.b.s.h.k School, surat in 1997 as a teacher. They so the education level is very higher than Gujarat and they decide this work in Gujarat.