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Client proposal

An overview of Fill Your Diary and how we work. Our Appointment setting services, lead generation and what makes us unique.

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Client proposal

  1. 1. About Us  We are a global team of appointment bookers, dedicated to you. We are UK Based We do not use call centres We do not use scripts Our results are guaranteed
  2. 2. Services Targeted Contact Lists Appointment Setting Lead Generation Diary Management CRM Maintenance
  3. 3. How it Works You give us criteria for your target clients We call your prospects and set your appointments You receive full information for each appointment booked We manage your diary (timings, location, cancellations) We can update your CRM
  4. 4. A totally unique concept  Instead of using pushy telesales We act as your Sales Person’s Personal Assistant  This allows us to create more rapport with people and book meetings at a very senior level. It also raises your profile by creating a more senior impression of you so we can reach more people. We actively reduce burn and churn of precious contacts by booking meetings for your sales people to close.
  5. 5. Quality  Your Personal Assistant is always based in your own country, never offshore.  We never outsource your Business to anyone outside our core team  Monthly checks direct with you on appointment quality and service are conducted by our Sales & Marketing Director All our PAs are meticulously interviewed, profiled and reference checked. We have a full and comprehensive training programme Your PA has long standing experience as a Personal Assistant with excellent telephone manner and telephone etiquette.
  6. 6. Seamless Service •You are kept up to date at all times. •Our PAs can use your company’s e-mail address and auto sig so your prospect never knows you are using our service. •Our PAs become part of your virtual sales team. •We are always discreet. •You are protected by our NDA
  7. 7. Why use us? Highest Return on investment than any other form of Advertising / Marketing Your Sales Team are directly in front of Prospects, where they can sell. The efficiency of your Sales force is greatly increased. Your Sales team benefit from a Higher morale, in the knowledge that their diary is full of appointments. Our solution is pay as you go, entirely scalable and terminable at any time. The highest conversion rates come from face to face meetings Fixed cost per lead with guaranteed results.
  8. 8. Simple Pricing  £200 per Appointment  Any cancelled appointments are re booked or another appointment made Free of Charge  Pricing includes: – Diary Management – Database Management – Administration – Reporting
  9. 9. Additional Services  Build you a new Prospect Database with all contacts based on your criteria  Telephone Manage your Existing Customers  Campaign follow up  Trade show/event prep  Client feedback forms  Post Tender De Brief
  10. 10. Contact Us 02032399834 enquiries@fillyourdiary.com www.fillyourdiary.com