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Create a Tagul World Cloud for your Blog

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A tutorial on how to create a tagul word cloud use the tags from your blog

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Create a Tagul World Cloud for your Blog

  1. 1. Go to http://tagul.com/ and register
  2. 2. You can create up to 10 word clouds. Click on create.
  3. 3. Go to your blog and copy your tags or labels of your posts.
  4. 4. Type or paste in your tags. The more you repeat a word the larger it will appear.
  5. 5. Go to your blog and select a tag. Copy the URL before the tag you selected.
  6. 6. Highlight the link before the ‘$’ and paste the new URL
  7. 7. Paste in the URL for your blog Check if you tags are lowercase or Capitalized. They will need to be all the same
  8. 8. Click on Fetch tags
  9. 9. Select a shape for your word cloud
  10. 10. Select fonts, you can choose more than one. Select angles for the words to appear or select random and then click on >> Click on ‘build a cloud’
  11. 11. The word cloud will be generated
  12. 12. Click on preview
  13. 13. Your word cloud will appear. If you are not happy with it you can go back and make alterations.
  14. 14. Click on Style Options
  15. 15. select colours for text, background and rollover colours
  16. 16. Click on Preview. If you are not happy with the colour combination, click on refresh.
  17. 17. Here is a new colour combination
  18. 18. Move your mouse over a word and click
  19. 19. It should open to the category on your blog
  20. 20. Click on finalize, choose the size of the word cloud, save and copy the embed code
  21. 21. Go to the dashboard of your blog and select layout, add an HTML Gadget
  22. 22. Paste the Embed Code and save
  23. 23. Your tag cloud should appear on your blog