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Local/Mobile - Hendison - Pubcon Vegas 2012

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Scott Hendisons slides, an overview of why mobilization is necessary, and some specifics about how to get it done.

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Local/Mobile - Hendison - Pubcon Vegas 2012

  1. Local / Mobile SessionLocalize and Mobilize Your Site Presented by: Scott Hendison SEO Automatic Search Commander, Inc.
  2. About Me• Began selling software online in 1999, began a small agency in the spring of 2004, and launched our own tools in 2009.• In 2007, I attended SES Local in LA and was amazed at the total lack of information.• Today, local is probably the fastest growing segment of SEO, and it‘s an honor to be included on this Pubcon panel.
  3. How much Mobile Traffic do you get? You might be surprised... • When is the last time you looked? • Some businesses have over 1/3 of all traffic coming to their site via tablet or mobile. • You are not maximizing your revenue, but that’s okay, because neither are your competitors.
  4. Look at your Analytics
  5. Stats over past 30 days
  6. What‘s your first step?Examine your site!• Test it on an iPhone and Android• How does it look?• Is it functional?• Can you read and navigate it?• Does it have what you need?• What DO you need?
  7. What DO you need?• Simple pinch & zoom?• Click to call?• Map?• A relevant menu?• Appointment setting?• Quote system?• Ordering, Shopping, etc• What Else? JUST TRY YOUR WEBSITE!
  8. Let‘s say you‘ve decided...How can you achieve what you want?• Lots of low cost options• Lots of very expensive options• Separate website & mobile experience?• WP Sites can be mobilized easily w/ plugins like wptouch, etc.• Do you actually need an “app“?• There are a billion options well actually...
  9. A billion and a half options• Wrap up slide(s)
  10. Good Place to Start
  11. Find a Developer
  12. Choose your Budget
  13. Plenty of Options
  14. How do you choose?Ask these questions:• CAN you ask questions via chat or phone?• Self configured? On site or subdomain?• Auto sync w/ your site?• Automatic detection and redirection?• Tracked with YOUR Google Analytics?• Separate (multiple) mobile menu options?• MUST a user “install” something? (app)
  15. You can‘t afford to waitOnce people perform a mobile search…• 61% of users call the business after searching• 87% of those WILL buy from you if they call - Google, BIA/Kelsey
  16. Thank You Scott Hendisonscott@searchcommander.com