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SILS 2015 - Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University

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In introduction to SILS 2015 panel of international specialists on “Aging of the Population: Opportunity or Threat?”
By: Judith Phillips, Swansea University (Wales)
At Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit - 2nd edition | September 28/29/30 2015

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SILS 2015 - Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University

  1. 1. Aging of the population: opportunity or threat? Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit September 2015 Professor Judith Phillips Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University
  2. 2. Ageing Well in Wales 1. Age-Friendly Communities 2. Dementia Supportive Communities 3. Falls Prevention 4. Opportunities for Learning and Employment 5. Loneliness and Isolation. •Develop and agree planned activities and contribute to, and identify any collaborative opportunities. •Serve as a specialist information resource •Developing compendiums of best practice from across Wales.
  3. 3. Dementia Supportive Communities covers: accommodation and care - residential, improving home care including telecare; prisons; outdoor environments; transport; housing; climate change and emergency preparedness; rural, and deprived area issues; technologies of ageing. Translational research will be a strong element in bringing local authority social care together with business and industry. For example, bringing technology companies working on assistive living and retailers developing dementia friendly stores together with older people, people with dementia and practitioners working with older people
  4. 4. ARCH: A Regional Collaboration for Health • To develop South West Wales as an exemplar 21st century health economy • To develop the U in the region’s University Health Boards • “Competitive advantage was the paradigm in the old industrial economy; in the new knowledge economy the paradigm is collaborative advantage” (Rich Bendis, CEO ‘Innovation Philadelphia’) Artist Impression of Singleton Health Campus including Medi- Park & Health Services co-located Key messages: