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Letter head - ECC Training Consultants - Shravan Shetty- work certificate

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Letter head - ECC Training Consultants - Shravan Shetty- work certificate

  1. 1. ECC Training Consultants GetSetGo! www.ecctrainingconsultants.com www.eccgetsetgo.com ________________________________________________________________________________________________ [1] Property of ECC Training Consultants. TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN Shravan Shetty has been associated with ECC Training Consultants Since March 2010 as an Independent Consultant.A small spark at my end that gave birth to ECC Training Consultants . It was Shravan's guidance and mentoring that gave us the courage to transform this spark into a reality and give it support. Shravan does extensive consulting for ECC Training Consultants in the Learning and Development space. He has put in many processes in place and has widened the L&D horizons for ECC. His ability to throw new perspectives into discussions and his ability to perceive the complete process of what is still in the state of a concept is a great value add to an inexperienced team like ours. Shravan is a true mentor. I joined Accord just two months after Shravan quit Accord and it took me close to a year from then to meet him. But through the one year that I was at Accord, there were several trainers who spoke of Shravan. I have heard volumes about the impact he created in his training programs, of his conviction and belief system, his rapport with his colleagues ,about his proactive management skills, the initiatives he took up at Accord, and not to forget his infectious sense of humour. All these led me to paint an approximate picture of Shravan. But when I met him, a year after I joined Accord and we begin to work together at ECC Training Consultants , I realized my picture was incomplete. Shravan had other dimensions than what I had heard of. Shravan's focus, his depth of knowledge, his staunch faith in coaching combined with his natural ability to coach, all make Shravan an unmatchable trainer. A few of the significant projects that he worked with us for at ECC Training Consultants were: o ECC Get Set Go Training Division o Content Development for 23 Training Modules :” Employability express workshops” for the social infrastructure arm of a leading business conglomerate which is into employability skills training pan India .. o L & D framework & Content development: Pre /Post Assessment, Customer Care framework for training the Front Office Staff of a Healthcare Hospital Chain. I wish him the very best of luck in all his endeavors and look forward to be associated with him on projects in the future. Best Regards Deepti Natarajan Director ECC Training Consultant