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Shining Hope Foundation presentation short version

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Shining Hope Foundation presentation short version

  1. 1. What is Karuna-Shechen? We are supporting this organisation until 2015. Karuna-Shechen is a non-profit humanitarian organization that provide education, health care, and social services to the under-served populations of the greater Himalayan region. They pay special attention to the education and empowerment of women and girls. Karuna-Shechen’s name expresses its mission and while pays homage to its roots: Karuna is compassion in Sanskrit, and Shechen is the name of a major monastery in Tibet. It wasWho is Shining Hope Foundation? founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000.The Shining Hope Foundation is a UK charity registered at the Who is Matthieu Ricard?Charity Commission since July 2010. It was founded by a Frenchfamily: Serge, Astrid, Marie and Xavier Saint-Arnoult. Matthieu Ricard founded this organization with the inspiring idealIt is a grant-making foundation which raises funds online and of “compassion in action.” He is a best-selling author, a Buddhistsupports organisations for a period of three years. Its mission is to monk, a humanitarian, and a world-acclaimed photographerhelp local communities live in balance with nature and animals. who has been living in the Himalayan region for four decades.What is our mission? What are the projects?Our mission is support projects which help local communities live Supporting local communities by health care and educationin balance with nature and animals. We are convinced that all Allopathic clinic and dispensarythree must be in balance for the planet to have a sustainable Family planning, mother & child health outreachfuture. Medical camps for the DalitsWe also act to raise public awareness through newsletters. We Health and outreach programsbelieve that in our daily lives, many things we do can seriously Mobile clinics serving up to 12 villagesimpact fragile ecosystems worldwide. Also, we are apolitical Tuberculosis centerand not affiliated with any religious organizations.
  2. 2. Environmental awarness by training illiterate grandmothers to solarenergy Training illiterate grandmothers to solar energy at the Barefoot College in Tilonia by Bunker Roy Installation of solar power in 350 homes in 3 indian villages Non-formal education classes for womenCompassion for animals Matthieu Ricard has been vegetarian for many years. Through his books he hopes to raise awareness about animal rights and encourage us to be more compassionate to them by avoiding eating them for example.Why did you choose Karuna-Shechen?We chose Karuna-Shechen because we have known MatthieuRicard for quite some time and used to support his humanitarianprojects on a personal level before setting up this foundation.Their organisation has always been very transparent, and wehave been lucky enough to follow its evolution for several years.In addition, overhead costs are paid by a generous donor,hence all donations go directly to the projects themselves.Karuna-Shechen also falls in line with Shining Hope Foundation’smission which is to help local communities live in balance withnature and animals. * May altruism love reign in your hearts – Matthieu Ricard