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Gondavlekar Maharaj Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Gondavlekar Maharaj Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. In the India, there is Maharashtra State. This state is famous for many meritorious characteristics. The most outstanding of which, is the galaxy of individuals who had realized (not merely understood or known) the truth and imparted it to the mankind. It is to be appreciated that the truth realized individuals are not the same as; those who merely preach some philosophy and/or perform so called miracles. Truth realized individuals are not mere philanthropist also! Truth realized individuals are not mere erudite orators.
  3. 3. I call Truth realized and not self realized because self in English does not convey the content of the word “atman” in Sanskrit. The most important quality of an individual who has realized truth is to impart truth realization and uplifting the individual from his subjective realm into objective global consciousness. Thus In Maharashtra, there have been truth realized individuals such as Dnyaneshvar, Ramadas, Tukaram, Eknath, Muktai and in 19th and 20th century Akkalkot Swami, Saibaba, Gajanan Maharaj and many others. One of these truth realized individuals was Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj. Gondavlekar Maharaj; had come in contact with Saibaba, Akkalkot Swami, Vasudev
  4. 4. Balavant Phadke, Lokamanya Tilak and also Nanasaheb Peshave (Biography of Gondavlekar Maharaj, by K.V. Belsare). Gondavlekar Maharaj (1845-1913) extensively toured India three times while he lived in Gondavle. His life exemplifies how a truth realized individual’s consciousness is one with the cosmic consciousness and becomes benevolent to universe. His consciousness is experienced by many individuals in his samadhi mandir located in Gondavle, which is in Taluka Man, in Satara district in Maharashtra. The samadhi mandir of Gondavlekar Maharaj is full of daily activities conducive
  5. 5. to individual and global blossoming. These are called NITYOPASANA. Any one who is interested in truth realization can visit Gondavle. He or she can participate in the most satisfying activities in a suitable manner; and undergo conscious evolutionary transformation and get set for the ultimate fulfillment in life in time to come! The food and stay for three days are kept free of cost as an expression of supremely benevolent supertransaction; which is beyond mercenary, commercial and even professional considerations! Address & Phone Shri Sadguru Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavlekar Chaitanyopasana (Sansthan) At & P.O. Gondavle (Budruk), Taluka: Man, District: Satara
  6. 6. Pin code: 415 540 Phone 02165- 258292 Gondavle is near places such Dahivadi, Koregaon, Vaduj, Satara, Pune, Sangli, Miraj etc. From Mumbai you can drive to Gondavle in 6 to 7 hours by express highway.