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Holistic Blossoming Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Holistic Blossoming Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. Indolence & apathy, craving & agitation and ideological pursuit & ego keep interacting either peacefully or violently and “the winner” within the person and/or the nation, lead to pertinent behavior that becomes the hallmark of that person or nation at that time! As a result of the preponderance of any one or more of these, one finds an individual or the nation full of irresponsible and sociopathic behavior, cancerous growth of highly skilled, disciplined and brilliant but individualistic and hence ultimately violent and socially destructive “progress” or highly intelligent, elitist, pedantic, egoistic and ineffective dialogues and discussions. When and if holistic concepts govern the behavior of an individual or society, they do condemn but do not get obsessed with,
  3. 3. material pursuits such as acquiring physical, political, economic, cultural and other kinds of dominance over others, and at the cost of others (individuals or nations). They do not pursue spiritual achievements such as illusory lights, sounds, fragrances, supernatural powers, utopia of regimentalized “goodness” and so on. The individuals and nations blossom together through appropriate and optimal satisfaction of biological, psychological and intellectual needs and aspirations of most people in most instances. The individual and group activities blossom in terms of sports, scientific research, arts, industries, agriculture and so on, in a mutually healing and nourishing manner! Can NAMASMARAN help in such holistic blossoming of one and all?