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Presentation skills slideshare

  1. Presented by: Shrishti Yadav
  2. What is a Presentation? A structured, prepared and speech- based means of communicating information, or ideas to a group of interested people, in order to inform or persuade them.
  3. Why Presentation Skills Training? • To properly structure your presentation. • To overcome nervousness. • To develop powerful Body Language • To deliver effective presentation. • To learnt what not to do during presentation. • To design and use visual aids effectively.
  4. Boring Presentation
  5. Common cause of Ineffective Presentation • Failure to motivate the audience • Confusing structure • Excessive details • Poorly designed slides.
  6. Pre-Prep Techniques of Presentation • Plan • Prepare • Practice • Perform
  7. Perform
  8. Methods of Present
  9. Very Formal Formal Informal Very Informal Suitable Occasion Large conference Smaller conference, a group where you don’t know the audience. Small group, probably internal. But not all known to you. Small team meeting where you know other participants. Purpose Provide information to a large number of people. Provide information, but also get reaction. Provide information, hear reaction, respond, possibly discuss Provide information, or generate discussion. Stand or sit? Stand Stand Stand/ Sit Probably sit Present from where? A Lectern The front of the room. Either within the group or from the front. Your place at the table, or within the group. Audio/Visual Aids Required Required Not Required Not Required What will you have to provide in advance? Copy of slides. Copy of your slides. Hand-outs of some sort. Nothing Expected. Type of room Large conference hall Conference/ Meeting room. Meeting room or Office. Meeting room or office. Audience Interaction A formal question session afterwards . Formal Questions Fairly interactive Likely to be very interactive.
  10. Importance of Information Packaging Feedback