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Korematsu v united_states

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Korematsu v united_states

  1. 1. o During World War 2 the American government had the right to exile people of Japanese decent to internment camps. The government stated that this was necessary for national decent. Fred Korematsu refused to abide and was then arrested. He believed this to be a violation of his rights.
  2. 2. o Korematsu brought this case to the Supreme Court because he believed in violated his 14th Amendment.o This amendment prohibits the government from taking a persons life, liberty, or property.
  3. 3. o Did the President and Congress go beyond their war powers by implementing exclusion and restricting the rights of Americans of Japanese descent?
  4. 4. o This case was heard by the Supreme Court on October 11, 1944.o The court made its decision on December 18, 1944.
  5. 5. o The Supreme Court agreed with the government.o Supreme Court judge Hugo Black stated that the need to protect against espionage was more important than people of Japanese decent and Korematsu’s rights.o Total, there were 6 votes for the United States and 3 against.
  6. 6. o The people in these camps remained confined as the war continued.o Confirmed by the American People who were afraid that the people of Japanese decent were spying. They believe the government had reason because it was a time of war.o Others were appalled that the government overruled an amendment.