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  1. 1. Flamboyanté Banqueting & Menu Details Party Theme The Basic Menu will include the following: LADIES LUNCH KITTY VEGETARIAN MENU WILL COST RS.400/- + TAXES • Choice of Soup • 3 Starters • 1 Salads • 1 Curry & 2 Stir Fry’s • 1 Rice & 1 Noodle • 1 Dessert • Coke, Sprite, Soda included in the package LADIES LUNCH KITTY NON-VEGETARIAN MENU WILL COST RS.500/- TAXES • Choice of Soup • 4 Starters – 1 Non-Vegetarian and 3 Vegetarian • 1 Salads • 1 Curry, 2 Vegetable Stir Fry’s ,1 Chicken ,1 Rice & 1 Noodle • 1 Desserts + Ice Cream • Coke, Sprite, Soda & Mock tail included in the package VEGETARIAN PAN-ASIAN MENU @ 850/- TAX • Choice of Soup • 5 Starters • 2 Salads • 1 Curry & 2 Stir Fry’s • 1 Rice & 1 Noodle • 1 Dessert • Coke, Sprite, Soda & Mineral Water included in the package NON-VEGETARIAN 3 KITCHEN MENU @ 950/- TAX • Choice of Soup • 6 Starters – 2 Non-Veg (1 Fish, 1 Chicken) and 4 Veg • 2 Salads • 1 Curry / 2 Vegetable or Stir Fry’s / 1 Fish / 1 Chicken / 1 Rice / 1 Noodle • 2 Desserts • Coke, Sprite, Soda & Mock tail included in the package
  2. 2. LIVE COUNTER CAN BE ADDED AT AN ADDITIONAL COST OF RS 100/- TO RS 250/- • Live Khaukswe Bar • Live Pasta Bar • Live BBQ Kebab Station • Live Shawarma Station • Live Chaat Counter • Live Pizzas Bar • Cold cuts Platters • Live Dim Sum Bar Corporate Breakfast Menu @450/- + Tax • Fresh Fruit Platter :-Papaya, kiwi, Pear, Grapes, Mash Melon • Bread Basket :-Croissant, Bagel & Rolls) • Eggs to order :- (Served with toast) Scrambled eggs Masala Omlete, Cheese Omlete Fried eggs • Cereals :-Corn Flakes (Served with cold and hot milk) Waffles (Served with Maple sauce,honey, butter} • North Indian:- Two types of Parantha with curd • South Indian Idlis:-Served with chatni and sambar • Menu with Cold Cuts will be additional Rs. 125/- • Smoked Ham slices, Chicken Salami, Chicken Pepperoni, Mortadella ham ,Grilled oxford Sausages . LIQUOR OPTION NO. I Bar Unlimited @ 600/- Per Head Plus Tax 20% • Antiquity • Royal Challenge • Smirnoff • Bacardi • Beer • House Wine (Nine Hills & Chantilly) • Aerated beverages coke, sprite, soda, Mineral Water included in the package OPTION NO. II Bar Unlimited 750/- Per Head Plus Taxes 20% • Aerated beverages coke, sprite, soda, Mineral Water included in the package • Black And White OR Black Dog 12 Years
  3. 3. • Smirnoff • Bacardi • Beer • House Wine (Chateau D’ori) • Aerated beverages coke, sprite, soda, Mineral Water included in the package OPTION NO. III ALCOHOL @ (MRP +CORKAGE) • Imported Spirit @ 750/- Per Bottle Plus Tax • Indian Spirit @ 500/- Per Bottle Plus Tax We Provide The Following At Banquet Rate • Draught Beer @ Rs. 100/- • Pint Beer @ Rs. 125/- • House Wine @ Rs. 1000/- • Diet Coke And Tonic Water @ Rs. 50/- + taxes • Tetra Pack Juice 1 Ltr @ 150/- • Red Bull @ 125 /-  DJ at Flamboyante • DJ will have to be in-house. No outside DJ shall be allowed. • Live Bands or Musicians can also be hired in house. DJ Costs are as under • The Lounge Bar : Rs. 5,000 + Taxes • The Courtyard :Rs.15, 000 + Taxes Musician cost would depend on Musician Chosen by Guest DJ Music done by: DJ Peter: +91 97028 70279 Mobile. Please discuss music requests before the event • A Ladies Lunch Kitty @ Rs.500/- + Taxes • A Vegetarian Dinner Menu @ Rs.850/- + Taxes • A Non vegetarian Dinner Menu @ 950/- + Taxes • Children party in the Court Yard @ Rs. 500/- Taxes {between 16.00Hrs to 19.00Hrs} age below 8 years & minimum guarantee 50 Pax. • Teen party will cost Rs. 750/- + Taxes Includes In- House DJ{ Between 19.30Hrs to 00.00Hrs} age below 15 years & minimum 50 Pax Premium Items Will Be Charged As Per Requirement
  4. 4. Starters
  5. 5. Oriental Veg Sautéed Mushroom with water chestnuts Tofu Pepper Chilly Corn cream rounds with water chestnuts Oriental Mushroom Japanese Spring Roll Corn cream with black bean chilly dip Chou choo Crispy potatoes Cottage Cheese & Asparagus Coriander and pepper Thai Cigar rolls Tango vegetables (Sour, Sweet & tangy flavors) Mushroom Herbal Salt Asparagus Sushi Steamed wontons with burnished garlic Silken Tofu with Ginger scallion on gourmet spoon Oriental Non-Veg Prawns with burnished garlic Wasabi prawns Salt & Pepper Prawns Smoked Chicken Salt Pepper Challai prawns Sliced tenderloin with chilly & celery Malay fish Maki fish Japanese Pepper Chicken Crispy tenderloin chilly oil Cascade chicken Roast pork canton style (Chua Sui pork) Korean Chicken Diced Chicken Soyal Chilli Crispy Dragon chicken Tempura Fish Tobanjen Sauce Chicken Yaki Tori Skewer Dim Sum Vegetarian Mix Vegetarian Dumpling Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling with Coriander Spicy Dim Sum Water chestnut & Tofu Pot Sticker Veg Dim Sum Non-Vegetarian Haa Kao (Prawns and water chestnut Dumpling) Prawns Dumplings Steamed Chicken Dim sum with Lemon Soya Sauce Prawns & Chive Dumpling Dip Fried Prawns Dumpling Coriander Pot sticker with chicken and pork (Pan Fried Dumpling) Spicy dumpling with chicken Grilled Vegetarian Adraki Paneer tikka Chilli Milli Kebab Black Pepper Potatoes Paneer Anari Tikka Paneer Hariyali Tikka Makai Sheekh kebab Aatish –e-aloo Pudhina Paneer Tikka Grilled Non Vegetarian Murg Kastoori Tikka Kakori Kabab Jhinga Kalimirch Mutton Boti Kabab . Murgh Bazari Kabab
  6. 6. Lakhnowi Sheek Kebab Murg Kalimirch Kebab Fish (Garoupa) Tikka Afghani Murg Malai Kebab Atis-e-Jhinga Italian Vegetarian Mezze Platter Mini Asparagus & leek Quiche Stuffed mushrooms with black pepper and Parmesan Mini Corn & Spinach Quiche New black Pepper Potatoes with basil Focassia Platter Focassia with bell pepper Brushetta Salad Bar Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls Raw papaya salad Indian Summer Salad Entrée (Main Course) Oriental Vegetarian Three treasure vegetables in oyster burnt chilli glaze Indonesian Sambal vegetables Water chestnuts, baby corn Hunan sauce Buddha’s delight Cottage cheese and capsicum kung Pao style Exotic Veggies in Mushroom Oyster Sauce Four season beans Stir Fry Farmers joy Oriental Non Vegetarian Shredded chicken with red green pepper *Tai chi Chicken Thai style bekti with lemon and chilly garlic celery Chicken Mongolian Steamed Garupa in black bean sauce Kung pao chicken Garupa fillet in spicy sambal sauce Chicken in black bean sauce Sliced Garupa with a cracked mustard sauce Thai Red chicken curry Garupa in ginger wine spring onion sauce BBQ Spare ribs Roast sliced pork with fresh ground pepper Cantonese Tenderloin Sliced Tenderloin with black bean chilly Vietnamese Basa in Wine and Ginger Spring onion Tenderloin steak with grilled onion Roast Chicken Shallot Sauce Tangy Betki in Hot Bean Sauce Rice Moon fan rice Burnt Ginger Fried Rice Steamed Fortune rice 7 Jewels Fried RiceVeg Steamed Lemon Coriander Rice Noodles Home style noodle with Vegetable Hakka Noodles((Chicken / prawn / veg) Mei fun rice noodles (vermicelli noodles) Pan fried noodles (Chicken / prawn / vegetables / roast pork steam)
  7. 7. Khaukswe Burmese Khaukswe Vegetarian Burmese Khaukswe Chicken Indian Vegetarian Subz Shahi korma Subz Palak Meloni Shahi Paneer Palak with Amritsari wadi Taaza Bhuna Subziyan Lahori Paneer Dhingri Mutter Paneer Indian Non Vegetarian Chicken Lahori Shahjahani Makhani Murgh Murgh Gol Mirch Laziz Nihari Gosht Chicken Lava Chicken Lakhnowi Korma Mutton Rogan Josh Dum Biryanis DumBiryani(Mutton/Chicken/Prawn/Fish) Indian Breads Whole Wheat Tandoori Roti Missi Roti Lachha Parantha Plain Naan Italian Vegetarian Veg Lasagna Dessert Western Chocolate Crunch Mikado Mississippi Mud Pie Blue Berry Cheese Cake Tiramisu Gooey Chocolate Fudge Banoffie Pie New York Baked cheese cake Fresh fruit Trifle Crème Brulee Indian Kulfi falooda with rose syrup and sabza seeds in wine Glasses Shahi Tukda Live Counter Jalebi Counter Dosa Counter Chaat Counter BBQ Counter Pasta bar Pizza Counter