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Definitions of personnel management

Anything HR Solutions, Ahmedabad

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Definitions of personnel management

  1. 1. Anything HR SolutionsManpower PlanningRole FunctionH.R.StructureCompensationPackageTrainingAppraisalO.D.PersonalRecordsManagementI.R./E.R. AdministrationTransportEstablishmentHousingColony/SchoolSecurityMiscellaneousWelfareCanteenHospital/First AidTransportSchemeSchools etc.Functions inOrganisationStatutoryComplianceRelationship with Union/Employees/Govt./Local BodiesNegotiationLabour Law ImplementationCourt ProceedsDisciplineTime Officer Worker
  2. 2.  Edwin Flippo:Concerned with procurement, development,compensation, integration and maintenance of personnel oforganization for the purpose of contributing towards theaccomplishments of the organizational objectives Paul Pigore & Charles Myres:Is the line responsibility & staff functions, assistingmanagers in providing advise, counsel, service and various types ofcontrols to secure uniform administrations of personnel policiesdesigned to achieve organization’s objective.Anything HR Solutions
  3. 3.  Prof. Michael Jueins:Is that field of management which has to dowith planning, organizing and controlling variousoperative functions of procuring, developing, maintainingand utilizing a labor force in such a way that Objectives of company are attained economically andeffectively. Objectives of all levels of personnel are served to thehighest possible degree. Objectives of the community are duly considered andservedAnything HR Solutions
  4. 4.  Build – up Culture, Philosophy & Leadership Style.Approach, Openness & Participation. Deal with human relations at work. Understand and resolve Inter-Personal problems. Identify job hazards and evolve conducive workingconditions. Design organization structure and personnel policies. Evolve compensation package. Plan Recruit, Retain, Separation of employee. Maintain co-ordial & productive industrial relations vis-à-vis public relations.Anything HR Solutions
  5. 5.  Appraisal, Needs Analysis – Training & Counseling. Develop & respect human being at work (process ofHRD). Develop system of evaluation – reward – suggestion toimprove production – productivity and gain employeecommitment. Discipline, Welfare and Administration. Career and growth planning of employee. Ensure service to community, shareholders, customers,public and creditors creating best image to organizations. Handling of 3P’s (People, Productivity & Profitability) isan art which decides survival and growth of company incompetitive world.Anything HR Solutions
  6. 6.  Depends on: Culture of Organization Size of Organization ~ Units, Branches, OverallStrength of Workforce. Activities Responsibility ~ Job Analysis of Positions. Minimize the size ~ Enrich the Job & SatisfactionAnything HR Solutions
  7. 7.  Environment Culture Size Nature of BusinessAnything HR Solutions
  8. 8.  H.R. Manager [HRD] Fire Fighter [IR] Care Taker [Welfare] Administrator[Admin.]Anything HR Solutions
  9. 9. Changing Role of PersonnelChanging Role of PersonnelManagerManagerAnything HR Solutions
  10. 10.  Understand historical background, the Concept and theRole of the Personnel Manager. Appreciate the influence of socio – political developmentson the role and growth of Personnel Management. Understand the impact of the Western and Easternmanagement philosophies and theories on PersonnelManagement. Understand the complexities of the role in the light of IR-HRD interface. Identify challenges of 21stcentury as a ‘Change Agent’.Anything HR Solutions
  11. 11.  A Leaf In History Turbulent Period East Meets West The Transition The Next Millenium Upto 1920 1920 – 1960 1960 – 1980 1980 – 1998 2000AD…..Anything HR Solutions
  12. 12.  Industrialization And Profit Motive Exploitation Social Vs Political Revolution Birth Of Trade Unions Gandhiji Steps In Impact Of Russian Revolution The MediatorAnything HR Solutions
  13. 13.  Multiplicity Of Trade Unions Awareness Of Rights Evolution Of Labour Legislations Enlarged Role To Implement The LegislationsAnything HR Solutions
  14. 14.  Advent Of Professional Management Thoughts Intra And Inter Union Rivalry M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) Transition Towards A Proactive And Pivotal RoleAnything HR Solutions
  15. 15.  Crucial Period In The History Of Personnel Management Impact Of Textile Strike Bleeding Trading Unions Change In Management’s Outlook Paradigm Shift Due To HRD Movement Pathbreaking Step OF Globalization Volatile Environment Quality Consciousness & Competition Customer Delight Technology Dynamics Employee As Chief Differentiating Factor Enriched Role Of Personnel Manager Trainer Developer Motivator Business Leader Catalyst Anything HR Solutions
  16. 16.  Challenges of New Global Order Technological…… [Automation, Internertworking, AI] Intellectual……[Knowledge Worker] Cultural Integration Self Development Socio-Economic Importance Of The Human Touch – Soft Corner In AnOrganizationAnything HR Solutions
  17. 17. Anything HR SolutionsResource ConversionCustomerCapitalCommunityLabourSupplierResources : InputsNeeds : Satisfaction Output

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Anything HR Solutions, Ahmedabad


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