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In 10 years
To the end of the world and back
Journey started from home
• Moved out of home to study
• Engineering college in Pune
• 4 years, 8 semesters
• Friends, Fun...
Did my
Industrial engineer by
qualification, IT Analyst by
profession and Business
Intelligence Consultant by
Presented at IIT
Cleared GATE
Organized events
Engineering Highlights
Learnt that
Education is a way to increase aptitude of learning skills…
Whatever skills!
Got into IT, started
with Unix, SQL
Switched to Analytics
Grew to Business
Intelligence / Web Strategy
Got into IT
Learnt that
Life is about taking chances, making choices and
adapting to changes… Period!
Worked together Laughed crazy
Made friends all along the way More…
Got crazy with… Felt loved
Made friends all along the way More…
Some relations thrived just over the
but with a good ‘connection’ and
‘strength’ …until we met again
Made friends...
Learnt that
Relationships are most important to enjoy life
India (Delhi, Pune)
Argentina (BsAs)
in India
in Argentina
in US
to Bolivia
to Uruguay
to France
to Maldives
to Barbados
in India
in Argentina
in US
to Bolivia
to Uruguay
to France
to Maldives
to Barbados
That’s backpacking
with mom...
in India
in Argentina
in Uruguay
in France
in US
in Barbados
in Maldives
* literally
Learnt that
Live at a new place, learn a new culture, speak a new
language and you’re born to a new life.
Travelling is ra...
To the Top of the world
- La Paz
To the End of the world
- Ushuaia To the Capital of the world
- New York
Did amazing thin...
Take care
* Con free yogurt
For no money*
Even Opera
For no money*
Haircut for ginipigs
Going out
Rides for Hitch hikers
For no money*
Stayed at a 5 star hotel
Flew in a Private jet
Lived in an apartment
For no money*
Flew to Caribbean
Dove in a Submarine
Swam with Turtles
For no money*
Learnt that
Best things in life come free…
sometimes that ‘includes’ the costliest ones!
PS - Please like and share this… ...
Loved with whole of my heart… lost, learnt, moved on… loved again
Learnt that
Love itself is not a feeling, it is a decision.
A decision to feel…
to feel good, to feel magical and to feel ...
A Food Club
A Green Initiative
A Start-up
The BIG Events that happened!
Learnt that
A small idea can get big… Very BIG
Dad’s Heart Surgery
Sister’s Marriage
New Home
The BIG Events that ‘just’ happened!
Learnt that
Life and Plans don’t work to precision
Often not at all…
The End
Nothing begins without an end
Nothing ends without a beginning…
…Neither this presentation
in the next 10 years I wish to…
be alive!
be surrounded by friends
be happy with my choices
Be able to balance between wha...
And hope I remember the lessons learnt
 Truth and honesty are still different things
 Everything that happens to you, ch...
And become a
May the Force be with you…
Real world doesn’t award perfectionists
but people who finish things.
Otherwise there’s so much more…
Shivam Dhawan
Trying new things with myself here
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Travelled: in India in Argentina In 10 years

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in India
in Argentina
in US
to Bolivia
to Uruguay
to France
to Maldives
to Barbados

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