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What Steve Said

7 awesome quotes on life and work by

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What Steve Said

  1. 1. WhatSteveSaid...7 awesomequotesonlifeand work
  2. 2. Design is not just what it lookslikeand feels like. Designis howit works.
  3. 3. Simple can be harderthan complex.You have to workhard to get yourthinking clean tomake it simple.
  4. 4. Your time is limited;don’t waste it livingsomeone else’s life.
  5. 5. Sometimes life hitsyou in the headwitha brick.Dont lose faith.
  6. 6. Stay hungry,stay foolish
  7. 7. The only way to betruly satisfied is todo what you believeis great work. Andthe only way to dogreat work is to lovewhat you do.
  8. 8. I want to puta ding in theuniverse.
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