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PimVis: Exploring and Re-finding Documents in Cross-Media Information Spaces

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Presentation given at AVI 2016, International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Bari, Italy, June 2016

ABSTRACT: Over the last decade, we have witnessed an emergence of Personal Information Management (PIM) solutions. Despite the fact that paper documents still form a significant part of our daily working activities, existing PIM systems usually support the organisation and re-finding of digital documents only. While physical document tracking solutions such as RFID- or computer vision-based systems are recently gaining some attention, they usually focus on the paper document tracking and offer limited support for re-finding activities. We present PimVis, a solution for exploring and re-finding digital and paper documents in so-called cross-media information spaces. The PimVis user interface enables a unified organisation of digital and paper documents through the creation of bidirectional links between the digital and physical information space. The presented personal cross-media information management solution further supports the extension with alternative document tracking techniques as well as augmented reality solutions. A formative PimVis evaluation revealed the high potential of fully integrated cross-media PIM solutions.

Paper: https://www.academia.edu/24295450/PimVis_Exploring_and_Re-finding_Documents_in_Cross-Media_Information_Spaces

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PimVis: Exploring and Re-finding Documents in Cross-Media Information Spaces

  1. 1. PimVis: Exploring and Re-finding Documents in Cross-Media Information Spaces Sandra Trullemans, Audrey Sanctorum and Beat Signer 09/06/2016
  2. 2. Personal Information Management
  3. 3. Search Tools Icon Highlights - Fitchett et al. 2013 Windows File Explorer Search
  4. 4. Exploring and Re-finding Support iMapping - Haller and Abecker 2010 Memsy – Geel and Norrie 2015
  5. 5. Paper Documents © sott.net
  6. 6. PIM Solutions in Physical Space SOPHYA - Jervis and Masoodian 2010 DocuDesk - Everitt et al. 2008 ReacTIVision - Kaltenbrunner and Bencina 2007 Objectop - Khalilbeigi et al. 2013
  7. 7. Contribution Exploring Re-finding PimVis
  8. 8. PimVis Setup Paper Tracking PimVis GUI File Explorer Interactions Augmented Ring binders PimVis
  9. 9. File Explorer Interactions PimVis
  10. 10. PimVis Context View Document View Focus View
  11. 11. Context View
  12. 12. Zoomed-in Context View
  13. 13. Selection of a Context
  14. 14. Document View
  15. 15. Control Panel
  16. 16. Context Explorer
  17. 17. Context Selection
  18. 18. Type Filter
  19. 19. Filter on Paper Documents
  20. 20. Focus View
  21. 21. Focus View of a Paper Document
  22. 22. Re-finding a Digital Document
  23. 23. Re-finding in Physical Space
  24. 24. From the File Explorer to PimVis
  25. 25. Exploring a Paper Document
  26. 26. PimVis Behind the Scene EUIM OC2 PimVis Backend Sandra Trullemans and Beat Signer, Towards a Conceptual Framework and Metamodel for Context-Aware Personal Cross-Media Information Management Systems, ER 2014
  27. 27. Formative User Study 8 participants Master and PhD students Lab setting with given setup 6 tasks 3 in PimVis, 3 switching between applications Observation UX Survey Interview
  28. 28. User Experience 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 Attractiveness Perspicuity Stimulation Dependability Efficiency
  29. 29. Benefits and Pitfalls • Starting point is current application • Hot versus cold documents • Self-development and configuration PimVis Hot Documents Cold Documents
  30. 30. PimVis Limitations • Extra functionality required for in-situ use • Extending with DocTr for paper tracking • In-situ evaluation Sandra Trullemans, Ayrton Vercruysse and Beat Signer, DocTr: A Unifying Framework for Tracking Physical Documents and Organisational Structures, EICS 2016
  31. 31. Our Takeaway Message Context View Document View Focus View PimVis: re-finding and exploring documents in cross-media information spaces
  32. 32. References • S. Trullemans, A. Sanctorum and B. Signer, PimVis: Exploring and Re-finding Documents in Cross-Media Information Spaces, Proceedings of AVI 2016, International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Bari, Italy, June 2016 – http://beatsigner.com/publications/trullemans_A VI2016.pdf