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How can SERVICE DESIGN help you

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A selection of benefits (and some challenges) on how Service Design can help your company.
So you know about service design, but... would it work for your company?

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How can SERVICE DESIGN help you

  1. 1. How can Service Design! help you 30 SET 2014 Silvia Calvet @silviacalvet Swapsee Service Design Workshop
  2. 2. Why Companies exist?
  3. 3. What a customer is?
  4. 4. https://www.flickr.com/photos/vonderauvisuals/7215463246/ Departments, teams, plans… vs Customer
  5. 5. What is Service Design • Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers. The purpose of service design methodologies is to design according to the needs of customers or participants, so that the service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to the customers.
  6. 6. So… How can SD help
  7. 7. Design Methodology
  8. 8. Methodology were People is central You look for the: •User of the service point of view •Service Provider point of view
  9. 9. Qualitative insights “Satisfaction or ‘Statisfaction’?” ! http://www.thinkcx.co.uk/latest-thinking/satisfaction-statisfaction/ ! Empathize
  10. 10. Holistic Approach Channels Touchpoints Time!
  11. 11. Is Solution oriented
  12. 12. DIY What do you Need:! •Process Facilitator (neutral)! •Project Leader! •DT techniques! •Design Skills! •Time! •Management
  13. 13. Co- “You Can’t Collaborate Unless You Agree on the Problem" http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/09/you-cant-collaborate-unless-you-agree-on-the-problem/ Start at the beginning:! Context & Objectives! Goals
  14. 14. Involvement Users Customers Partners Employees
  15. 15. Common Language Interdisciplinary Visualization Understanding Agreeing Stories
  16. 16. Think out of the box
  17. 17. …Challenges Is SD understood? Or attitudes
  18. 18. …Challenges You
  19. 19. It’s a process, not a workshop!
  20. 20. Thanks! Silvia Calvet, Creative Strategist & Organizational Facilitator! ! Get in touch to talk about: #Innovation #Organizational change #Re-Connect Business and Employees #Customer Focus @silviacalvet http://about.me/silviacalvet/