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CV of Simbily

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CV of Simbily

  1. 1. C V of SIMBILY MORVIN 1 | P a g e SIMBILY MORVIN PROFILE SUMMARY 27 yearsold,total of over3.3 years’experience inIndiaindiversified fields. Excellent interpersonal skills,proventeamplayerwithananalytical mindandasharp eye for creativity. Proven track record for problemsolvinganddeliveringunderhighstressenvironmentwithresource constraints.Possess good communication skills. OBJECTIVE To contribute mybesteffortinthe achievementof company’s goals and objectives with the special use of my knowledge and skills. A challenging position which offers advancement in my career. CHARACTER Highlymotivated,sharplogician&rational,adequatelyresponsible,abilitytomultitask,perform the work without compromising on the quality while immune to quantity, confident, self assured yet opento justifiedcriticism and last but not the least able to adjust in an multi-cultural environment by synergizing. EMPLOYMENT DETAILS  Dec 2014 – Aug 2015 working with MAFIL (Manappuram Finance Ltd.) Kerala, India as an Office Coordinator. Company:- Manappuram Finance Ltd(MAFIL) is a non-banking financial company(NBFCs) situated in Valapad, Kerala state. Manappuram has over 3200+ branches across 25 states of India, a staff strengthof over15,000+ people. The companywasfoundedin 1949.MAFIL, was established in 1992 inthe wake of economicreformslaunchedbythe Governmentof India.Itsactivity was mainly pawn broking and money lending carried out on a modest scale. Job Description:-  Work withthe Finance departmenttoensure smoothoperationof all finance matters.  Supportthe Finance teamby inputtingintosalesandpurchase ledgersfromsource documents.  Inputaccountingdata intothe accountingsystemwithspeedandaccuracy. E-Mail : pvsimbily@gmail.com Contact No. : 971551983646 Date of Birth : 28 April 1989 Profession : B.Tech in EEE Nationality : Indian Gender : Female Status : Married
  2. 2. C V of SIMBILY MORVIN 2 | P a g e  Assistinthe productionof financial statementsandapplications,preparationof spreadsheets,reportsandcorrespondence asrequired.  Plan,organize andmanage ownworkloadtoensure yourcontributiontothe company’s monthlyfinancial reportingprocessisachievedinatimelyandaccurate manner.  Ensure swiftpaymentof invoices.  Resolutionof finance relatedqueries.  Anyotherduties thatmay be deemedappropriate tothisrole.  May 2013 - Dec 2014 working with iCAD.in (branches Thodupuzha & Muvattupuzha) The Design Experts, Kerala, India as a Faculty Company:- iCAD.inisthe newventure of Covenant NetworkTechnologiesPvt.Ltd.WhichwasregisteredinApril 9, 2005. They are the most preferred premium technology trainers in South India. They are the pioneers and trend setters for conducting authorized Training & Certification. Job Description:- o Gained experience in Design Section for preparation of single line diagram of 110kV substation yard, Panel drawing works etc. o Conversion of AutoCAD drawings in to pdf format. o Worked as a Faculty for the Students in (Both theory & practical classes)  AutoCAD  Electrical CAD  Primavera  PCS  MS Office o Handled front office administration works like  Directs & coordinates the activities of the faculty departments.  Performthe functionof a linkbetweenthe management and students.  Perform budgeting function.  Conduct seminar for the promoting.  Resolve enquiryproblems quickly, efficiently & courteously.  Making Marketing Calls.  May 2012 - May 2013 working with TELK Angamaly (Transformers & Electricals Kerala Ltd.) Kerala, India as an Engineering Trainee Company:- TELK is the one of the best among India’s Equipment manufactures. TELK, an ISO 9001 certified company since 1995, has been a pride of the State of Kerala. TELK gave India, its first 400kV Class Transformer, First 315MVA Auto Transformer and Generator Transformer for India's first 500MW Thermal Unit. Starting off with power transformers, it later extended its product range to Instrument Transformers, SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers, Shunt and Series Reactors, Isolated Phase Bus Ducts, Tap Changers etc.
  3. 3. C V of SIMBILY MORVIN 3 | P a g e Job Description:-  Workedas an EngineeringApprentice TraineeinCoil InsulationDepartment& Designing Department o In Coil Insulation Department  Gainedexperience inManufacture incoil windings & inspection of coils of Power Transformers up to 315 MVA, 400 kV class.  Inspection of raw materials for Power Transformers such as Copper conductors, Insulation paper & press Board on various stages of Transformers Production & general awareness.  Giventrainingforstudents,college batchesthose are comingforproject works as well as industrial visiting.  Monthly report submission of activities conducted by workers. o In Designing Department  Gained experience in Design Departments in preparation of Manufacturing& Customerdrawingsof Powertransformersupto400kV in AutoCAD.  The conversion of AutoCAD drawings into PDF format.  Preparationof bill of materials. Manuals,InstructionsandPackingList of Power Transformers using Microsoft Excel & MS Word.  Scanning & Editing of Drawings & converting to BMP files and raster image works.  DesigningName Plate &Specification Plate of the Particular Customers Products. EDUCATION Academic:- B.Tec in Electrical & Electronics Engineering From Mahatma Gandhi University. Obtained 72 % marks Secondary School Certificate Examination From Kerala State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Ernakulam. Obtained 81% marks COMPUTER SKILLS Operating Systems - Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95/3.x, Dos, Fedora, Ubuntu Linux (Operation). Programminglanguages - C, Java, SQL, Oracle, MATLAB Office packages - MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013 (MS Words, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS FrontPage, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS Outlook). Designing - AutoCAD 2000/2002/2007/2011, Primavera P6
  4. 4. C V of SIMBILY MORVIN 4 | P a g e Certification:- DiplomainJAVA technology - by NIIT Certificationof Proficiency - by Board of ApprenticeshipTraining Completionof AutoCADElectrical - by Autodesk PERSONAL DETAILS Passport Details:- Passport No : P2512450 Date of Expiry : 03/07/2026 Visa Status : Visit Visa Till Nov 04,2016 (Converted Visa)