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Wood Pellet Machine – Create Pellets to Save the Environment

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Now All industry is also highly competitive and most of the manufacturers claim their product and complete pellet plant equipments to be the best fit for the purpose of the client.

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Wood Pellet Machine – Create Pellets to Save the Environment

  1. 1. Wood Pellet Machine – Create Pellets to Save the Environment Wood pellets have become the most popular biomass fuel due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Using pellets as fuel can help to produce more heat with less emission of ash and smoke. Since the pellets are made by the Wood Pellet Machine, they are of uniform size and shape and hence they produce consistent heat. The following steps are to be followed in order to produce good quality wood pellets:  Size reduction of the raw materials using Sawdust Machine or hammer mills  Transportation of the prepared materials  Drying solutions like rotary dryers  Mixing solutions  Conditioners like binders  Pellet production using either round die mills or flat die mills  Sieving to remove fine particles  Pellet cooling  Transportation of the pellets  Storage of the pellets
  2. 2. Ring die pellet mills are used more than flat die pellet mills in order to create wood pellets. In flat die pellet mill, the raw material falls over the roller which compresses the particles into pellets. The wood pellets are collected from the base of the die. In ring die pellet mill, the raw material is compressed over a series of rollers. The ring die is powered by the frictional force created during the rotation of the die. It can be very beneficial to own a complete pellet plant as wood pellets can be a highly efficient and effective fuel.  As the wood pellets are created using compression, they are dense and hence it can burn efficiently than natural wood logs.  Only less energy is required to burn the wood pellets, as they have very less water content in them.  They can be burnt at high temperatures especially in boilers and the temperature of the heat can be controlled automatically.  The combustion of wood pellets contains very low ash and dust content which helps to keep the environment clean and green.  Wood pellets can be used as a cheap alternative for hygienic absorbent.  These pellets can also be used in the litter box as they are great absorbents and can reduce bad odors.  Biomass fuel reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Pellets are used as fuel for cooking stoves especially in the rural areas, as they are cost effective and affordable.  As they are lightweight and very convenient to handle, they can be transported easily. The raw materials that are commonly used for making these beneficial wood pellets are:  Sawdust  Wood chips  Mulch  Timber pieces  By products of paper industry  By products of furniture industry
  3. 3. These cost effective and environment friendly wood pellets are used in wide range of appliances like pellet stoves, automatic boilers, heating furnaces and other heat producing appliances.