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Open Bank Project Hack Make The bank 2016 Block Chain

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Open Bank Project Hack Make The bank 2016 Block Chain

  1. 1. Simon Redfern, CEO Bank as a Platform Transparency as an asset
  2. 2. How similar?
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  8. 8. Our Vision 1995! Why do we need a Web site?! 2000! 2010! 2020! Of course we have a Web site! Of course we have an API! Why do we need an API?! In the future, every bank will have an API “By 2016, 75% of the top 50 global banks will have launched an API platform and 25% will have launched a customer-facing app store”! “Bank as a Platform”: Modern, open APIs accelerate sustainable and secure customer-centric banking innovation by leveraging an ecosystem of third party applications and services. !
  9. 9. The Open Bank ProjectWhy it's important Current “workarounds” do not work anymore! Non-Banking Competitors ¾ millennials would be more excited about an offering from new entrants than from their own bank! Changing Customer Behavior 71% of millennials would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks are saying! Aging IT systems IT systems are perceived as the #1 barrier to innovation! Upcoming Regulation See UK Treasury Open Banking Call for evidence, EU’s PSD-II, Poland’s KNF anti-screen-scrapping decision.! Source: The Millennial Disruption Index, Scratch 2014 / Innovation in Retail Banking 2013, Efma-Infosys!
  10. 10. The Open Bank Project Is an Open Source API for banks! 1/ Open Banking API! 2/ Developer ! Community! 3/ Apps! Open Bank Project
  11. 11. The Open Bank ProjectHow it works OBP API! Bank’s Legacy IT Systems! Bank’s! Customers! Provided by their bank! OBP App store! 3 2 1 (On different platforms)! Use innovative financial apps! Card-linked offers Cash management Accounting!ERP! KYC CRM Crowdfunding! jQuery Savings GamificationData Visualisation Advisory PFM AML Anti fraudRegulation! Financial Institution’s data center / cloud / appliance! Operate your own white-labeled API. Plug & Play deployment.! Bank-specific connectors!
  12. 12. Ecosystem of Apps ...The possibilities are endless!www.openbankproject.com/apps!
  13. 13. Open Source API stack •  RESTful banking model •  Functional •  Scala in JVM •  OAuth included •  Flexible Connectors •  Metadata •  Entitlements •  AGPL & Commercial •  Github https://github.com/ OpenBankProject/
  14. 14. Developer Tools - SDKs Apache Licensed (Handle the OAuth flow) https://github.com/OpenBankProject/OBP-API/wiki/OAuth-Client-SDKS
  15. 15. API Explorer - Try Explore API in context of the logged in user.
  16. 16. Third Party Developer Tools
  17. 17. Entitlements & API Management
  18. 18. Deploy locally Easily run OBP on laptop / cloud host https://hub.docker.com/r/openbankproject/
  19. 19. Monitoring & Analytics
  20. 20. Past Participants Past Participants Our clients include leading and global tier one banks. We have setup an OBP sandbox environment in more than 15 cities. Customers and Past Participants Banking Clients & Partners Over 500 developers using the Open Bank Project API! k
  21. 21. Simon Redfern @simsysims @OpenBankProject http://bit.ly/obpslack1 www.openbankproject.com Thank You