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Making Our Voices Heard

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Making Our Voices Heard: a workshop on media and communications in libraries delivered by Ian Anstice of Public Libraries News and Simon Barron of Voices for the Library at the CILIP in Wales Conference on 18th May 2012.

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Making Our Voices Heard

  1. 1. Making Our Voices Heard
  2. 2. Map fromwww.publiclibrariesnews.com
  3. 3. “Yet in an interesting twist to the classic image oflibrarians, recent depictions show librarians as zealousand even violent protestors of good against evil.Batgirl, a librarian by profession, is the classic comicbook heroine battling evil and fighting crime withinformation power. The television show Buffy theVampire Slayer also depicts a librarian fightinginjustice and standing on the side of right.The controversy over the U.S. PATRIOT Act, resultingin librarians being dubbed “hysterical Ruby Ridge-typeradicals,” has added to this image as defenders of thepublic good.” - From Sacred Stacks by Nancy Kalikow Maxwell. Photos from Flickr courtesy of Richard Hawkins (left) and Tom Roper (right).
  4. 4. Who?Who do you think of asa good communicator?
  5. 5. What? What does a communications ormarketing officer do?
  6. 6. Posters from Flickr courtesy of Phil Bradley.
  7. 7. You!What experience do you have communicating with the media?
  8. 8. How?What skills do you need to be an effective communicator?
  9. 9. http://xkcd.com/756/from xkcd by Randall Monroe
  10. 10. Communicate with us:ianlibrarian@live.co.uk@publiclibnewswww.publiclibrariesnews.com simon.barron.19@gmail.com @SimonXIX undaimonia.blogspot.com