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A holistic overview of the labuan trust company

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Learn all about what you want to learn about Labuan trust company and establish it by adhering to the Labuan trust formation laws and other implications.

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A holistic overview of the labuan trust company

  1. 1. A Holistic Overview of the Labuan Trust Company Though we have always come across the term Labuan company or Labuan offshore but there is one more entity that gives investors a breath of relief when thinking of having a definite well defined path of passing their wealth the respective beneficiaries and this is where we have an entity called Labuan trust company which we have described here in this article and have unfolded all its related aspects. The Labuan trust company is a company referred to a company registered under the Labuan Companies Act 1990. Now what this Labuan trust company role is? And what are its basic features, etc. are all being discussed here in this article for your reference. Well! The basic role of the Labuan trust company is to perform the duties and responsibilities of those personnel and investors who are registered under the Labuan Companies Act 1990 and give them a platform to work upon some specific purposes be it charitable or non-charitable. If the Labuan trust company is established by the investors for charitable purposes, then that company can fulfill the purposes like relief from poverty, in the education field, promotion of art and science and other such similar purposes. And if it is for the non-charitable purpose then it could service as a bridge for the beneficiaries to get benefited from the wealth that the trust holds. Besides the above mentioned role of the Labuan trust company, it can play a substantial functional role by acting as a registered office for the Labuan company or entity or it may also provide other office related services to the company. Now moving on to study the other features of the Labuan trust company, it is important for the trust
  2. 2. company to have a purposeful and operational office set up in Labuan. It should appoint two authorized trust officers and one of them should be a resident of the Labuan. This is mandatory that the trust officers should fulfill the requirements of the Labuan FSA of being the trust officers. Now let's see what are the properties that a Labuan trust company can hold? Well! The Labuan trust company has the full flexibility of holding assets of any kind, be it real estate, movable or immovable items, jewellery or other transportation items. It can also hold legal documents as assets to passing on to the beneficiaries. Whatever the trust holds is solely for the purpose and the objective laid out by the trust deed and should not violate on the grounds of the rules and regulations. For more information visit us at http://www.simplyoffshore.com/labuan-trust/ Contact Us Labuan Head Office Level 2,Lot 19, Phase 3, Lazenda Commercial Centre,87007 Labuan F.T., Malaysia Telephone: +60321613430