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Highlight on two important features of a labuan trust

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Get to know more about two important features of the Labuan Trust and establish your trust in the Labuan in a smooth and hassle-free way.

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Highlight on two important features of a labuan trust

  1. 1. Highlight on Two Important Features of a Labuan Trust Well! Definitely, the Labuan is a region that has eased the progress of the foreign business establishments by giving incredible benefits in terms of tax implications, so that foreign investors can have a good time progressing in their business procedures. So when such favourable favours are rendered by the jurisdiction then opting Labuan as the location to form a Labuan trust is simply one of the best ideas for any investor. The main body that regulates the establishment of the Labuan Trust is the Labuan Financial Services Authority that has set some rules to which the investors have to incorporate in order to operate the trust in Labuan and regulate the taxation policies. The Labuan Trust Act 1996 is the Act under which the Labuan trusts can be regulated and is set up to function smoothly in the Labuan jurisdiction. Reading further will unfold more about the registration and financial aspects of the Labuan trust and make you understand in a profound manner more about these two categories of the trust establishment. Details about the Registration of the Trust in the Labuan Now one of the main criteria of opening a trust in the Labuan is that the investors have to draw the trust deed which is the main permitted document of the trust to function. Taking consultation from the specified department would help you as an investor to know more about the functionality and registration formalities of the trust. The trust deed is important to be drawn because it establishes the rights and obligations of the trustees and the settlor. The trustee is a legal entity or a representative who manages and operates the trust and look after the assets kept in the name of beneficiaries. Details about the Financial Feature of the Trust in the Labuan
  2. 2. Now another thing to be known to the investors is that the Labuan legislation doesn’t require the business professional to worry about the capital or doesn’t want them to invest a specific capital if they are interested in the registration of a trust. Now if the trust is in the money broking business, then the trust is liable to go with an audit tax at the rate of 3% or can opt to pay an annual sum without performing an audit. So, if the annual payment is done, then the trust is not required to file the financial statements. For more information visit us at http://www.simplyoffshore.com/labuan-trust/ Contact Us Law & Commerce Trust Limited Labuan Head Office Level 2,Lot 19, Phase 3, Lazenda Commercial Centre,87007 Labuan F.T., Malaysia Telephone: +60321613430