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Management lessons from Bhagvad gita

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Sri krishna not only give the spiritual enlightment to arjuna bt he also teaches the art of self mgt.,conflict mgt., transformational leadership , goal setting ,stress and anger mgt. etc which can be used to raise our managerial effectiveness.In this presentation you may find that some of the famouse sloka of bhagvad gita from the management point of view. if you find it intresting .kindely give feedback .you can also give me a mail(singhm91@gmail.com).

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Management lessons from Bhagvad gita

  1. 1. Mo n i c aSi ngh
  2. 2. "SRIMAD BAHGAVAD GITA”• One of the ancient Indian spiritual text is the Bhagavad-Gita or the “Song of the Lord” , which provides the essence of the Vedas, which was delivered by Sri Krishna to Arjuna more than 50 centuries ago in Kurukshestra , India.• Raise the consciousness of man.• The background for the Bhagavad-Gita is the epic Mahabharata. Mo n i c a S i n g
  3. 3. MANAGEMENT Essential part of life. “Management is an art of getting things done through and with people, efficiently and effectively.” It is a process of decision making and control over the action of human beings for the expressed purpose of attaining goal. Mgt. involves planning, organising,staffing,directing and controlling human efforts. Mo n i c a S
  4. 4. “BHAGAVAD GITA SLOKAS BY MANAGEMENT VIEW”The philosophy of Bhagavad-Gita should not be viewed from spiritual perspectives only but also as a guide in developing managerial effectiveness. Mo n i c a S
  5. 5. {Perfection in individual life & welfare of the world} _“ Principle of Unity”{Excellence at work through self devlopment with devotion and without attachment} _“Work Culture” Mo n i c a S
  6. 6. {Who is behind wrong thing?} “Setting your priorities” {World of dualities}_”Stress Management” Mo n i c a S
  7. 7. {god avtara to protect the Loss of dharma} _“Controlling” Mo n i c a S
  8. 8. {Discards an old cloths/body and wear a new one} __“Adoption of changes & Innovation” Mo n i c a S
  9. 9. {Take care of devas in turn they will also take care of us}_“Co-operation” Mo n i c a S
  10. 10. {Do your work without thinking about its fruits}_“Work commitment & Work efficiency” Mo n i c a S
  11. 11. Lessons from “GITA” Turn your weaknesses into strengths. Share your responsibilities. Right Team = Right set of Individuals. Know your enemy/challenges. The Right Managers: To inspire, invigorate, counsel in crisis. Know Ground realities. Accept different ideologies. Empower Women. Mo n i c a S
  12. 12. • THANK YOU Mo n i c a S