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How to Grow Your Startup With a $0 Marketing Budget #startcon

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You'll learn how to get your first 1000 customers with no marketing budget. He'll cover prelaunch marketing, how to nail a launch and post launch marketing. Sujan grew his companies, Quuu.co to 20k users & Mailshake.com to 5000 customers using these exact strategies.

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How to Grow Your Startup With a $0 Marketing Budget #startcon

  1. 1. GROW YOUR STARTUP W I T H A $ 0 M A R K E T I N G B U D G E T #startcon
  2. 2. @SujanPatel I run Web Profits US a growth marketing agency 
  3. 3. RULESO F  G R O W T H
  4. 4. Focus on your top 3 channels
  5. 5. Understand your funnel & it's weaknesses Common Weaknesses
  7. 7. SCREW PR!Make Your Customers To Fall in Love 
  9. 9. Community  Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Grew                         to 5200 customers
  10. 10. Community  Influencer  Marketing Customer Advocacy  Grew                         to 1213 customers
  11. 11. Partnerships  Influencer  Marketing Referrals Grew                 to 20000+ users
  12. 12. All in less than 1 year
  13. 13. Prelaunch Tactics09
  14. 14. Create a landing page with an email optin
  15. 15. Build an audience Create an ebook (collect emails) Start a blog (post 2-3 a month) Guest post on industry publications Build relationships with influencers Interview influencers on your blog Curate educational content on social media Befriend a journalist (use ebook)
  16. 16. Smart cold emails 1. Identify your customer 2. Get their attention on social media (follow & share their content) 3. Use Hunter.io to find email address 4. Email asking for feedback on your ebook 5. Use Retargetlinks.com to remarket 6. Follow up with valuable content
  17. 17. Use        to test headline copy
  18. 18. Launch Marketing
  19. 19. 6 launch marketing tips Launch on Product Hunt (find someone to hunt you) Email your list Pitch journalist (use storytelling & data + retargeting) Email your friends and family for support Send cold emails Retarget on FB with ebook & demo ads
  20. 20. Timing is everything
  21. 21. Your friends and family will support you if you ask
  22. 22. Onboarding Concierge walk or drag (if needed) your customers to the finish line
  23. 23. Grown up  Marketing
  24. 24. Thank your customers Receipts/invoices Thank you cards using Maillift.com On social media By giving them swag By educating them By invite them to a private community
  25. 25. Ask your customers  For feedback To help spread the word For referrals How they would describe your product
  26. 26. Remember there are only 5 scalable growth channels 1. SEO 2. Paid acquisition 3. Virality/Word of Mouth 4. Sales 5. Other
  27. 27. Rare or situational marketing channels that sometimes work. Often not repeatable. These are as rare as a unicorn (noun) Other
  28. 28. Thank you!