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  1. 1. Sitharthan K Address: No.5/6, 3rd cross street, Bharathidasan Nagar, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry - 605004 Cell: +91-9578246716 sithrad@gmail.com CAREER OBJECTIVE To work in globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction and a steady-pace professional growth. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION EXAM/ NAME OF THE YEAR OF UNIVERSITY/ PERCENTAGE DEGREE INSTITUTE PASSING BOARD B.Tech (CSE) Rajiv Gandhi College 2015 Pondicherry 7.80 of Engineering & University Technology. Higher Amalorpavam Higher 2011 State Board 83.25% Secondary Secondary School, Puducherry. Matric SSLC St. Patrick Higher 2009 Matric 72.6% Secondary School, Puducherry. TECHNICAL PROFILE:  “HARDWARE AND NETWORKING”, Training at ACCEL IT ACADEMY, Pondicherry.  OSI LAYERs (7 layers),  TCP/IP,  HTTP, HTTPs, FTP,  SMTP, POP3, IMAP  RTPS - Router Information Protocol  SSH, SSL, RDP, ICMP, Telnet and  Network Topologies.
  2. 2.  IBM TRAINING and CERTIFICATES o Introduction to PC’s and Windows’98 o Techno Skills, Excel 2000 Fundamentals o PowerPoint 2000 Fundamentals o Web Designing Using HTML  IN-PLANT TRAINING at ACER India 2013, at HCL Career Development Centre 2014.  DATABASE: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & SQL Queries.  A workshop on “TESTING OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES”, in Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering & Technology, at Pondicherry.  Installation of Desktop Operating Systems (Windows) and Applications.  Participated in Paper Presentation on “Smart Homes” at B.S. Abdur Rahuman University. WORK EXPOSURE  Work Experience: 1.2 Years (Present).  Job Description: Engineer IMTS  Nature of Job:  Hands on experience in Level 1 Troubleshooting (Hardware)  Hands on experience in Active Directory  Incident Management  Third Party Vendor Tool Monitoring  Handling the Customer end issues  Follow up with the Domain teams for the Customer Issues  Managing the Customer Calls and Queries.  Work as a central point of contact for all technical support teams and provide up-to-date information for on-going incidents/alerts.  Act as CIM (Critical Incident Management) during P1 issues and fix the issues ASAP.
  3. 3. PERSONAL SKILLS  Quick Learner.  Proactive Person.  Crabbing knowledge from Environment. OFFICAL ACHIEVEMENTS  Honored as Top Performer of the Month  Honored as Supportive Excellence Engineer for the Year 2016. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Attended for National Level Technical Symposium Cybyrus’14, in Pondicherry Engineering College, at Pondicherry and secured Second Prize.  Worked as a one of the Organizer in our college function Comfiesta’14. AREA OF INTEREST ***Computer Networks / Routing and Switching ***Data Structure
  4. 4. ACADEMIC PROJECTS MAIN PROJECT  Name: A Study on “Hiding medical data in Audio file using Steganography Technique in Network Security”.  Role: Involved in Designing, Coding and Documentation  Duration: 12 months  Description: We are providing security for the data by embedding them into a cover media. By using T-codes algorithm we are providing higher security to the data that gets transferred between sender and receiver.  Platform: JAVA JDK 1.6  Modules:  Data Splitting  Applying Algorithm  Data Integration  Transfer of Nodes MINI PROJECT  Name: A study on “Hotel Room Management System”  Role: Involved in Documentation  Duration: 6 months
  5. 5. PERSONAL DETAILS Father’s name : Kamalakannan V Date of Birth : December 22, 1993 Age : 22 yrs. Sex : Male Health : Perfect Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Languages Known : Tamil, English (To read,write and speak) HOBBIES Listening to music, Reading books, Playing cricket, Surfing internet. DECLARATION Hereby, I declare that the above-furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place : Date : Sitharthan K