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Help and Support Center-R.D.Sivakumar

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Help and Support Center-R.D.Sivakumar

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Help and Support Center-R.D.Sivakumar

  1. 1. Video Lecture and e- content developed by K.YOGESWARI, M.Com. (CA) Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi – 626 124 And R.D.SIVAKUMAR, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Tech., Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Assistant Professor and Head, Department of M.Com.(CA), Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi – 626 124. Mobile: 099440-42243 e-mail : sivamsccsit@gmail.com website: www.rdsivakumar.blogspot.in 1.12 Help and Support Center
  2. 2. 1.12 Help and Support Center The Microsoft provides lot of help in its Help and Support Center in Windows XP. Actually Windows “Me” introduced Help and Support System by substantially improving the help methods available in earlier versions of Windows. Windows XP improved the help facilities of Windows Me remarkably. If you have an Internet connection, you need not use Internet Explorer to access the Microsoft knowledge Base. You can search it directly from Help and Support System. Fig 1.23 Home page for Help and Support Center
  3. 3. 1.12 Help and Support Center Microsoft knowledge Base is an online database of questions and answers Start Help and Support (or press F1 key when you are in Windows XP) will provide with the help relevant to the program. Always make use of Winkey + F1 key combinations in order to avoid ambiguity. Each Help and Support Center window has a title bar, which shows Help and Support Center as the title along with the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons. Then enter the word or phrase into the search text box. Then press ENTER key or click the Go button (à) situated to the right of Search text box. Suppose you have entered “view pictures” in the Search text box, Help and Support Center displays Search Results pane on the left side and adds a toolbar containing Add to favorites, Change view, Print and Locate in Contents buttons in the right pan. Search results are shown below this Toolbar.
  4. 4. 1.12 Help and Support Center Fig 1.24 Windows Basics Help If you have not customized the search results pane, it is divided into Suggested Topics, Full Text Search Matches and Microsoft knowledge Base.
  5. 5. 1.12 Help and Support Center Suggested Topics: Suggested Topics are keyword matches These topics are further classified into Pick a Task and Overviews, Articles and Tutorials. Full-Text Search Matches: Full-text matches are topics that contain the word / words you entered into the Search text box , into the body of the text of the help topics. Here the word / words will not be treated as keyword / keywords. Microsoft Knowledge Base: The results found in this category are from Microsoft Knowledge Base. Use it if you like. You should have Internet connection Highlighted text: The matched word / pharse with what you had entered is highlighted. The highlighting serves no other purpose. If you click on those highlighted word / pharse nothing happens Blue underline text: If you click the blue underline text, it will open the item associated with the text. Green underlined text: If you click on this term it will provide the definition of the term.
  6. 6. 1.12 Help and Support Center Add to Favorites: Add to Favorites button, that page is immediately copied and Windows XP Professional will announce that your wish is fulfilled. If you want to see the contents, you click Favorites in the navigation bar. In the left pane under the Favorites heading, opens what you have stored so far. If you double click any one of the topic, the contents will be displayed in the right pane ( you can also single click on any one of the topic and click Display button at the bottom ). You can use rename or remove buttons as usual.Rename is used to change the default name. This topic is explained later. Change View: In order to reclaim more space, you can hide the left pane by clicking the Change View button. If you again click Change View button, the left pane will appear once again. You can also perform the above action manually. You can drag the right pan to the left, so that a right pan may occupy the entire screen. Print : you can print the help pages with this button.
  7. 7. 1.12 Help and Support Center Locate in Contents: If you click the Locate in Contents, it will display a table of contents for help and support in the left pane. The heading of the current help page is highlighted. Help Index Button: Use if you know the first letter or first few letters of an item to be searched. You may feel a list that starts with that letter / letters may be helpful. Under this you can find Type in the keyword to find prompt, below this, there is the text area. You can click the appropriate entry from the list and then click the Display button or double click the desired item. Fig 1.25 View Folders Help
  8. 8. 1.12 Help and Support Center Back: This is the first button in the navigation bar from left, after navigating to another page in help, if you want to move to the previous help page, clicking Back button will take you to the previous page Forward: This is the second button in the navigation bar from left. After you click the back button the forward button is enabled. You move forward by clicking the Forward button until it is disabled. This button is disabled in the beginning. Home: This is the third button from left in the navigation bar. If you want to return to the home page, click on the Home button. History: This stores a list of help pages you have visited recently, in the left pane. As usual double clicking any title will redisplay that help page in the right pane. Support: It provides the other forms of technical supports available from Microsoft
  9. 9. 1.12 Help and Support Center Options: This button is helpful in cutomizing the Help and Support Center. 1. Click the Options button on the navigation bar. Help and Support Center displays the Options screen. 2. Click Set search options in the left pane. Help and Support Center displays the set search options in the screen. 3. If you want to change the number of search results provided by Help and Support Center , you change the number in Return up to 15 results per provider by a number less than 100. The default value is 15 . 4. If you want to get rid off search highlights then deselect it. You make the other desired changes. If you do not want to access Microsoft Knowledge Base again you deselect it. 5. Similarly by clicking change Help and Support Center options in the left pane you can make the other changes.
  10. 10. 1.12 Help and Support Center Getting Help Online: If you want to get help from Microsoft’s web site, first of all you need an Internet connection and web browser. Microsoft website includes support for all the products, not just windows XP. Suppose you want to have help for “ view folder “ you have to give the command as XP+view+folder. The blank spaces should be replaced by +signs. XP indicates, you want to get help from windows XP in order to get help you have to undergo the following steps. 1.Make sure you are on line and use your web browser to go to http://search. microsoft. com. 2. In the Search text box that appears, you type XP+view+folder in Choose a Microsoft.com location, enter United State. Click the Go button. After some time the results will be displayed.
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