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InnoOmnia Shortly Explained

A short explanation of our entrepreneurial hub and how it promotes entrepreneurship and employment

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InnoOmnia Shortly Explained

  1. 1. InnoOmniaInnoOmnia is a business unit of Omnia, a multisector vocational education providerlocated in Espoo, Finland. InnoOmnia’s lifelong learning and entrepreneurial hub is oneof a kind in Finland. It’s a center of expertise that offers an empowering community,affordable, low threshold business space, an inspiring coaching program for start-upbusinesses and entrepreneurship education for students and teachers.InnoOmnia has been recognized as an innovative learning environment and a championfor entrepreneurship on an international level. InnoOmnia is an active member of theEuropean Training Foundation’s good practices in entrepreneurship group and isfeaturing as an exemplary case of combining learning and working in the book“Learning a Living” by Valerie Hannon, Innovation Unit U.K. On a regional basis theprogram has had a major impact with its clear focus on supporting vocational andservice sector entrepreneurship, something that has not been done before.Objectives• Empower and support young entrepreneurs and service sector start-ups.• Build entrepreneurial capacity in the community• Upskill teachers in entrepreneurial teaching methods and digital learning environmentsSelectionThe InnoOmnia hub has an application process for all potential community members.Preference is given to applicants who will involve students in their business, promotesustainability and benefit from the LUOVIVA-programme. The entrepreneurs arecharged an annual fee which is based on the selected type of hub membership.ImpactThe hub was opened in August 2011. There are now some 40 entrepreneurs in thecommunity and the recent start-up programme for 20 participants resulted in 16 newbusinesses. Involving students in entrepreneurial projects has resulted in a measurabledecline in drop out rates and has had a favourable impact on soft skills, preparing thestudents for working life.Success FactorsEverybody is a learner and a teacher in the InnoOmnia community. There are plenty offormal and informal events that facilitate networking among entrepreneurs, studentsand staff. The premises are nonconventional and the collaborative, informalenvironment encourages networking..Evaluation, Improvement and SustainabilityThe selection process of the entrepreneurs has proven to be one of the critical successfactors. In the initial stage a few selected entrepreneurs did not fit into the evolvingcommunity, but after the first six months the selection process has been streamlinedand the results have been encouraging.The hub is intended as a stepping stone and some of the initial stage businesses havealready moved on and into bigger premises making way for newcomers. All exiting
  2. 2. entrepreneurs are interviewed in order to find out what could be improved.Regarding the in-house entrepreneurs, there is an ongoing evaluation process withmonthly feedback sessions as part of the workshops. The students doing project workevaluate there learning together with their teachers after every ten-week session. Softskills research was conducted after the first school year .InnoOmnia offers training, rents workspace, but above all is a buzzing community ofpeople with a passion for entrepreneurship. The programme offerend to communitymembers is a mix of formal and informal events. The formal events focus on topicsderived from the application process and are business related. The informal events arebuilt around networking, taking advantage of the innovative facilities designed to fostera community spirit. The focus is on tapping into all of the resources available in thecommunity made up of staff, students and entrepreneurs. Most of all InnoOmnia isabout being part of a learning community spiced with fun and laughter.CONTACTSatu Järvinen Mervi Jansson-Aaltosatu.jarvinen@omnia.fi mervi.jansson@omnia.fi+358 40 126 4936 +358 43 820 0152InnoOmnia, Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo RegionKirkkokatu 16 A02070 Espoo, Finlandwww.innoomnia.fi, www.omnia.fi