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Serhiy Kharytonov Resume 01 01 2016

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Serhiy Kharytonov Resume 01 01 2016

  1. 1. Serhiy Kharytonov CTO/CIO/CEO/Executive Vice President/VP Outsourcing Positions General information Date of birth – September 19, 1969 City of residence - Lviv, Ukraine PhoneViberWhatsApp number - +38 067 67 40 361 E-mail – skhar1969@gmail.com Skype – serhiy.kharytonov Marital status – married, 4 children (1996, 2000, 2012-twins) Country of preferable employment – US, EU, UA outsourcing software development company Willingness of relocation – no problem Business trips – up to 50% of time Hobbies – traveling, skiing, hiking, movies, reading I started my IT career in 1989 from hardware development, through IT infrastructure maintenance and support, to software engineering, including software development, system analysis and architecture design, system and business analysis, project & program management, IT and technologies leadership, IT consulting. My industry background includes full range of positions starting as an engineer at hardware R&D department through all set of levels in R&D and industrial software development, project and program management, new business unit building from the scratch and up to 250 team members under direct management, product scoping and management, middle management level duties execution till recent top level strategic and visionary positions of EVP/CTO/CIO/CEO of Development and Consulting Services. In my project practices I used widely different processes and methodologies of SDLC depending on domain, the type of projects, developers’ skillsets and experience, desirable calendar schedule based on Waterfall, RUP, Agile/SCRUM/Kanban and their modifications, as well as providing organizational, SDLC and BPM Consulting, BSC and KPI development and implementation. I do have a successful spectrum of crises management projects’ cases in the past operating on different levels and positions. I worked in different types of business domains and different companies operating in the mission critical, real-time/embedded, networkable distributed, classical IT business applications of different levels. My experience also includes big enterprise-level, Web- and cloud-based complex systems’ development, maintenance & support for different industries, including government, military, IT departments support, offshore development, product development, internet, e-commerce, security, education, healthcare, telecom, finance, & retail sectors. My recent focus was related to operational processes effectiveness and IT org-structures re-building, financial effectiveness, budgeting and strategic management decisions, cost reduction, enterprise level frameworks, big-scale complex applications implementation and support, infrastructure optimization, business and software architecture development, recent mobile technologies usage and implementation, SOA/RESTful/SaaS/ESB implementation, private cloud & its technologies building and implementation as well as operating infrastructure support for big enterprise in retail, telecom and banking, BPS/BPMN/BPEL, its optimization and automation.
  2. 2. I did participate and directly supervised over ~150+ projects of different scales, domains and technologies holding different positions and roles in my previous career. I also dealt with university teaching, training, coaching and mentoring practices in the past working in Lviv Polytechnic University, Corporate Technical Universities and continuously on working places with sub-ordinaries. My recent employment in Svyaznoy Group of Companies on the position of CIO (IT Director) started in October 2013. I initiated the IT infrastructure modernization, proposed and started to implement new enterprise architecture approach as a base for future web-, on-line, private cloud, BigData and analytical services. I initiated the new development practices implementation rebuilding the IT department OLA standards of process for sub-units interconnections and interaction. One of the biggest challenges was to keep alive, maintain and improve the already existing legacy systems and services and their SLA’s in actual operating environment and in parallel to re-organize and re-build all internal IT infrastructure, IT organizational structure, IT resourcing policies re-factoring old and building new services using new technologies and architecture with no any negative impact on operating retail business. Total effect of such changes could be counted in multi-millions saving scale for company budget improving company SLA’s and better availabilities of many financial and retail services including better MTTF of products and applications. Before Svyaznoy I worked for SoftServe, a global software development outsourcing IT company, for 13 years, since 2000 holding different managerial positions. 4 last years of my employment, being on the position of CTO, I was in charge of building up and leading Consulting Services’ Development Strategy and Organization for both ISV and Enterprise type of clients in Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, Retail and Education vertical business domains. Also I acted partially as CEO in order to develop a completely new European market direction from the scratch (whole EMEA area). As the CTO of the company I was responsible for the delivery of the technological excellence and competitive innovating solutions cross- company in horizontal technological domains for all business domains. A wide range of services was developed practically for every company's business lines and unit support. On the positions of VP, R&D Services and VP of Technologies I developed the vision & concepts of such structures as Technological Competence Groups, Corporate University and Certification Center. All of them were launched successfully and function till these days. Then, R&D Department, System Architect Group, Solution Consulting Services, Engagement Team, Business Analysis Office, Company’s Competence Models’ of Functional Offices, Abiliton People Certification and Development Program, Abiliton SDLC Process and Tools Programs, Partnership Programs, Centers of Excellence, Best Practices in Enterprise Analysis/EAG, Business Analysis/BAO, Project & Program Management/PMO, Function Point Estimation Methodology, Software Development/SDO, QC/QA and Test Automation Practices/QMO, first Client Support Services Team, Company Staffing and Rotation Program Principles were developed and put into life under my close supervision and advice from the scratch including the Competency Model of Soft Skills for Middle Management (leadership, cultural differences, communication, effective collaboration, client expectation management, analytical and advisory skills, etc.). On the position of Strategic Business Unit Manager I built the most successful, technologically advanced and outnumbered business unit with the multi-millions revenue scale up to 60+% of the whole company revenue at that time and experienced significant growth on market presence for both company revenue and EBIT. The numbers of applications and products developed under my close supervision and leadership were finalists and many of them have been awarded in world-wide competitions in different business domains (healthcare, construction, real-estate, retail, etc.) and among IT leaders (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe, etc.) which helped SoftServe to be recognized as a leading IT company in the industry over the years.
  3. 3. Dividing my original business unit into 5 separate ones I helped to re-build and enforced the renewed Delivery Organization structure with the most productive development units at that time. Also I participated in establishing new ODC centers for the company throughout Ukraine, Russia and worldwide (the USA, the UK and the Philippines). LinkedIn Profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/serhiykharytonov Experience Delivery Director Eleks Inc. (Lviv/Ukraine) – outsource custom software Development Company in Ukraine Privately Held; ~900 employees; Computer Software industry December 2015 – up-to-date Mature the company Deliver Organization. Developing new strategy and implementing new delivery organizational management structure, re-factor internal processes, SDLC, development and operational environments and tools to get more manageable result-oriented, self-driven, customer-focused and successful Delivery Organization, ready to growth till new level up-to 5000+ employees and more. Keep CSAT, revenue growth, margin levels, waste time, and costs of organization within planned acceptable KPI’s and optimize all structural and organizational ineffectiveness’s. Initiated to build internal “door open” and development “accelerating” products, platforms, libraries and frameworks using up-to-date technology stack, open source components and approaches to allow to scale our delivery possibilities and do not depends on the maturity level of employees’ staff. CIO/IT Director Svyaznoy JSC. (Moscow/Russia) – leading digital market retail company in Russia with 25% of market share Multibillion revenue Closed Joint Stock Company: ~25 000 employees/~3200+ Retail Stores; IT Department: ~600 employees with hundreds of outsource vendors October 2013 – May 2015 Developed the company's IT strategy based on corporate business and financial goals for the 3-5 years horizon for the following major directions I was responsible for, e.g.: - uninterruptable 24x7 corporate production environment operating, - 24x7 infrastructure maintenance and support, - new business-lines and corporate business support of software development on business needs andor requests, - new corporate infrastructure development and improvements, - corporate infrastructure operating efficiency improvement and support, - corporate analytic and operating data warehouse development, - reorganization of IT structure and development process for new technologies and business goals support, - Svyaznoy ID strategic program as a new e-commerce platform and retail services development and
  4. 4. implementation, - new internet services, financial and consumer products development, support, integration and operation , - cross-business’ IT systems integration and data aggregation, - multi-level corporate risk management environment creation and development, - IT security and risk mitigation, - material and technical warehousing and distribution logistics of retail business, - business processes automation and optimization, - administration and remote offices development, support and deliveries, - 24x7 4-Levels client support services development, optimization and improvements. On management level it was improved the general management practices and processes within IT department on top & middle management levels and finalized the organizational structure of IT department/structure. Proposed to re-build and re-factor a number of existing lower levels processes and practices that lead to improvement of a number of SLA’s and OLA’s, units communications and management collaboration. On organizational structure level it was finalized IT Department re-structuring, built -up a new remote development center in Izhevsk with perspective to move more development work from Moscow to regions and established another remote office in Voronezh as well as it was planned to start other offices located in Samara, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-Don, Saint Petersburg after successful piloting mentioned remotely distributed development initiative and saving staff budget. On infrastructure level it was implemented new approach in IT infrastructure management, building facilities, based on the next major principles HaaS, IaaS, e-PaaS & SaaS, network segmentation in vertical B2C, B2B, B2E, B2G and horizontal levels of Production, Pilot, Beta/Test- and Development environments with auto-building and auto-deployment of regular daily procedures as well as auto- provisioning and network resources monitoring, distribution and releasing management, resource management and error-handling approach based on the following set of major technologies and tools: Hardware-as-a-Service: · Nutanix (Compute, Storage) · Arista (SDN) · Coraid (NAS/SAN) Infrastructure-as-a-Service: · OpenStack · VCloud Cloud infrastructure management: · Murano · Ceilometer · Omnitracker · Apache Stratos · Chef · Puppet Monitoring: · Logstash · Graylog2 · WSO2 BAM · Zabbix · OpenTSDB · Elasticsearch Web-front: · MS IIS · Nginx · HA-Proxy · Spray (Scala) · Play (Scala) Application: · Symfony2 (PHP) · Zimbra (.NET) · SuiteCRM (PHP) Web (client-side): · Piwik · Google Tag Manager · Google Analytics · Yandex Direct Middleware: · WSO2 (ESB, BPS, Governance, Identity Server, API Manager) · RabbitMQ · Flume · Postfix
  5. 5. Streaming processing: · Kafka · Apache Storm DB: · MariaDB · Galera · MySQL · MS SQL · PostgreSQL BigData/MPP Storage: · Hadoop (Hive, HBase, Spark) · Vertica · Cassandra BI and Reporting: · Tableau · R · QlikView · MS SSRS · MS Excel · MS SharePoint ETL: · Pentaho DI (Kettel) · Oozie · MS SSIS BPM/BPMN/BPEL: · Intalio BPMS · WSO2 BPS Personalization: · PredictionIO HW API: · Avaya API · Wi-Fi API Development: · Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, Stash) · MS TFS Visual Studio.NET · Eclips · PHP · RESTFul/SOA/JSON/JavaSc ript · 1C Bitrix · 1C Enterprise 8 · Jenkins CI · MindManager · Mindmup.com · Trello.com · Sparx Enterprise Architect On tech level it was proposed to use and modify existing infrastructures of 120+ applications and systems in corporate production outline to the new integrated service-oriented enterprise level architecture, based on Zachman framework methodology – published and developed a new line of near-real-time-, on-line- and Web- services and techs, using RESTful & SOAP Web-services, recent integration and orchestration technologies using ESB/BPS/BPMN/BPEL, private cloud infrastructure building, using OpenStack, creating BigData using Hadoop & Cassandra, developing corporate operational & analytical DWH using HP Vertica, re-factoring new information model approach based on private cloud and mechanism of integration and synchronization of data-flows due to data- streaming and data-orchestration, event-based data-subscription in addition to data-batching between the new open-source-based and legacy monolithic systems outlines based on 1C system and MS, .NET and SQL servers based technological stack. On development level it was moved to new development methodologies in most recent paradigms: - implemented Agile/Kanban and SCRUM methodologies in software development using Jira and Atlassian Toolset for open-source technologies as well as improved Scrum approaches using MS TFS and 1C tool sets on transition period, - implemented common integrated environments for 1C, TFS, Jira, CQ and ITSM OMNItracker systems based on both processes – Agile SDLCs in development and ITIL in operating management. Implemented monitoring toolset using Zabix and MS SCCM tools. Developed alert systems on the level of infrastructure errors’ handling and private cloud provisioning.
  6. 6. On big investment strategic program it was developed SvyaznoyID brand - the new e-commerce platform for Russian market, similar to amazon concept, which interconnected all existed corporate legacy resources from backends and cascaded their load using scale-based approach up-to Internet, Intranet, partners’ and public services usage for external and internal users. The new financial broker services and CRM-based management system were developed as well as new operational and analytical data warehouses were built using open-source and commercial tool sets to release classical DWH and BigData architecture and structures and providing personified services for our consumers and clients. All IT data-sources of Svyaznoy Group companies were integrated and interconnected for organizing big corporate data storage for serving back all business entities of Svyaznoy Group. The high-level vision, architecture, technological concept and high-level design of the program was developed with collaboration with SoftServe outsource company from Lviv/Ukraine. The distributed heterogeneous development teams’ model was chosen to develop the structural and functional components of the platform. The common collaboration, development and testing environments were built. The distributed Agile process with continuous integration elements was established. The unified remote secured access for internal, outsourced and out-staffed resources were used to organize the work of several internal and external collaborative teams like Svyaznoy - from Moscow, Izhevsk/Russia, outsourced as well out-staffed EPAM teams from Moscow, Samara, Tolyatti/Russia, Kharkiv/Ukraine, Minsk/Belorussia, San-Francisco/USA, also Microsoft RU, OMNINET consultants and It-Key DevOps were used from Moscow/Russia. On retail business process efficiency improvement initiative it was developed a new mobile application for sale reps in POS/Retail Stores for Android-based tablets integrated with corporate back- end systems on the one hand and internet services and Web- on the other hand as well as with recent GPS, Wi-Fi/MAC/IMEI and Yandex Map-services, which were successfully prototyped, providing all required technical, marketing and sale information for sale reps helping in live mode with managing his propositions and automating sale and negotiation process. Also integrated applications for customer support service with corporate Avaya phone station were developed and release, which help to track histories of customers calls and personified their connections with previous specific. On development of new product in new company group business line it was helped a new TVzor company from Svyaznoy Group to handle the development and release of new products – the Android-based smart-TV set-top box, PC, mobile and tablet applications empowered by Svyaznoy “know how” methodology that implied the combination of digital-TV, internet search, personalized media catalogue, internet and media content streaming & playing via one hardware TV-box with several HW plugged ports on client side and media broadcasting and streaming on server side Prevented scope leaking, planning & prioritizing works completion, focusing on fastening the product release and obtaining business results. Coordinated three external partners with Svyaznoy team to: - finalize the hardware requirements, production and the TV box release, collaborating remotely with Coolech Technology company from Shenzhen/China, - finalizing the requirements and releasing Android-based embedded and mobile iOS/Android software with VidMind company from Tel Aviv/Israel which outsource part of work to GlobalLogic, Lviv/Ukraine - productizing and marketing TVzor team on our side from Moscow/Russia. On development and data/web-services integration of SvyaznoyID and backend systems of Svyaznoy with another Svyaznoy Group companies’ like Svyaznoy Bank and Svyaznoy Club both from Moscow/Russia, marketing data and back office platform VisualDNA from London/UK as well as our e-commerce website of Svyaznoy itself and back-office systems of Enter company from Moscow/Russia. On delivery quality it was implemented and improved new quality system approaches, the principles of continuous integration and acceptance tests to beta- and production releases on regular-base
  7. 7. including unit, integration, load/stress testing plus horizontal and vertical network segmentation and OLA process improvements which allowed us to reduce the common number of operation errors and improve the level of SLA up-to 25% which gave the direct positive impact on retail business effectiveness and company common revenue, reducing the down-time and increasing the time of productive work. On client support level it was re-structuring the clients support services, reducing the number of incoming requests and building new motivation and certification program allowing us to reduce the employee number up to 30% without the common production SLA’s support degradation. Obtained saving of IT budget was relocated to increase the development forces. On resource quality improvements it was successfully started internal trainings for newcomers and existing staff in agile processes, new tools and technologies learning and training, knowledge sharing, development and technical support technologies, standardization of development, maintenance and support practices and initiated to build centers of competencies around every major technology in order to build the matrix structure within IT Department and new OLA’s. As well, regular weekly Managerial Status Meetings and bi-weekly Technical Discussion Club were organized and launched to share the operational status and activities, improving common management coordination, best practices and cross unit knowledge and experience. On saving and optimizational level it was migrated the several thousands of PC resources for open source Libra Office and Linux OS usage in retail stores, e-catalogues and kiosks. It was re-established and improved service management group functioning which leads to better clients’ service, request reactions and clients’ satisfactions. It was implemented MS Partnership Program and received Gold Partnership level in Software Development Competency which get some useful benefits and preferences. All these activities and optimization steps helped to get more than hundred millions saving in rubles actualizing and reducing the real numbers of required licenses as well. On general corporate efficiency level it was proposed to implement several new applications and tools, - 1C-Rarus front-end POS application realize distribution & auto-deployment, eco-fonts usage & double-side printing, improved error-handling and notification, which allowed the company to get additionally up to ~50+ million saving in rubles in total company revenue. Implementation of new RESTful model of services of interaction between the legacy and new applications co-working based on ESB and BPS/BPMN/BPEL approach (including data integration, process orchestration and service-subscription models) allowed us to reduce the actual stock information in the retail network from ~20-30 mins period till ~1.5-3 mins for whole Russian Federation territory. On perspective plans realization and in parallel to new software development, refactoring and maintaining the set of legacy applications, we started to automate and build several technological prototypes for future infrastructure improvements, ARTS-retail reference model compatibilities and preparation for OMNI-channel readiness of retail infrastructure, building of Svyaznoy open retail-API and improving the e-commerce platform (e-PaaS) for: - integration with Avaya phone stations, - integration with Wi-Fi/MAC/IMEA using Juniper routers and SMS-based delivery notification, - integration with mobile devices voice recognition and synthesis for hand-free audial management of WMS and POS stocks, - developed principles and specification of mobile platforms unification, personalized data acquisition, usage and collaboration for all corporate mobile applications, - building API for SugarCRM integration, - investigating, prototyping and preparation to implement Piwik and PredictionIO libraries, - integration with most popular social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, - integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Market services, etc.
  8. 8. Summary: beginning from the end of 2013, through the whole 2014 and the beginning of 2015 there were implemented, refactored and launched in production more than 20+ new business meaning systems and subsystems of different types including technologies like 1C, Web-, services- and mobile- applications, DWH based on Vertica, BigData using Hadoop and Casandra, and on-line services and applications using Zimbra/Telligent system, structurally deployed within legacy, B2E, B2B, B2C and B2G network segmentations with improving overall performance and improving of total software MTTF by 15% in total corporate outline. Due to the implemented changes the operating and staffing budget of IT Departments became the lowest in comparison to corporate revenue ratio in Russian retail industry despite the dramatic rubble inflation in 2014. Given all mentioned activities and implemented changed together with IT technological investments and resource development in new techs platforms and infrastructure modernizations allowed for Svyaznoy to meet 3-5 years challenges in the best shape. Finally, I accepted proposed part-time participation in Advisory Board of Svyaznoy Company related to IT strategy development on request after my company leaving. CEO/CTO, SoftServe EU start-up SoftServe Europe (Lviv/Ukraine) – new branch of SoftServe Inc. outsource custom software development company in Ukraine Privately Held; ~60-120 employees; Computer Software industry March 2013 – May 2013 Business and Software development services and organizational setup focused to European market in Western Europe and Eastern Europe (CEE+CIS) finally united and unified with main host company SoftServe Inc. CTO/EVP, Consulting Services SoftServe Inc. (Lviv/Ukraine) – leading outsource custom software development company in Ukraine Privately Held; ~4000 employees; Computer Software industry March 2011 – September 2013 Developing the company's technologies horizontal domains, SaaS and Mobility Strategic Initiatives and extending best practices in Healthcare and Finance verticals. Developing the best practices in System Architecture/SAG and Enterprise Architecture Frameworks/BAO & SAG. EVP, Consulting Services SoftServe Inc. January 2010 – June 2011 (1 year 6 months) Developed and established company's initial set of Consulting Services and Centers of Excellences and best practices in Business Analysis/BAO, Project Management/PMO, Software Development/SDO and
  9. 9. Quality Control/QMO. Developed corporate Abiliton People and Tools Certification & Development Programs. EVP, Research & Development Services SoftServe Inc. March 2007 – January 2010 (2 years 4 months) Established Technological R&D and Engagement teams and best practices. Established BAO functional office. VP, Technologies SoftServe Inc. September 2004 – January 2007 (2 years 5 months) Developed Technological Competence Groups. Established "SoftServe University" & “Certification Center”. Launched SoftServe, Microsoft and SUN Academies within training center. Developed Technological Consulting Initiative in System Design and Software Development. Sales and Marketing support and new business lines development. PM and SBU Manager SoftServe Inc. December 2000 – September 2004 (3 years 10 months) Managing the one of the biggest team on SoftServe, a number of projects on different positions of PM and PrgM using innovating C++, J2EE and C# and VB.NET technologies for Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix-based platforms, improving management approaches and development processes and best practices, internal development and consulting on software architecture and development methodology. Number of projects which were successfully on-time delivered to clients were recognized and awarded in domain industries over the years. Software Developer SoftServe Inc. Privately Held; 40 employees; Computer Software industry June 2000 - December 2000 (6 months) Mail-piece handling QNX-based C/C++ real-time embedded conveyor management system development which was accompanied of Java-based application tool-set (applets, applications and JSP Web-systems).
  10. 10. Senior Software Developer “MATS” Privately Held Corporation, IT Department January 1997 – June 2000 (3 years 6 months) System Engineering. IT support. Networking. Soviet and Ukrainian battle-tanks T-72 ,T-64, T-80, T-84 real-time simulators development using DOS, WinNT & Win9x platforms and Borland C++ and Delphi development environments. Military organizations’ security system building with usage i8051 controllers, CAN-based communication protocol and monitoring application development using i8051Assembler and Delphi accordingly. Multiple software utilities and small-middle size for internal usage applications development using VBA and VB6. Cannon battery fire coordination management system development using Borland C++. Fuel station control management application development. IT Engineer “Lviv-GalRemEnergo” Energetic Repair Plant of LvivEnergo, IT Department January 1995 – December 1997 (2 years) IT hardware and software infrastructure support and development. Hardware repairing and upgrade. System level Software installing and support. Corporate Ethernet LAN network building. DOS FoxPro 2.0 LAN-based Account & Salary calculation applications development and implementation. Corporate transition from DOS to Windows OS’s and MS Office Apps using VBA and VB4 scripting. Staff trainings and Implementation best practices. Professor Assistant "Lviv Polytechnic" University, Computer Department December 1994 – June 2004 (9 years 10 months) Post-graduate student. System Engineering, Applied Theory of Mathematics, Computer Sciences, IT architecture schema-techniques, PC hardware architecture, Micro-CHIPs, Networking, Borland Turbo- C, Turbo-Pascal, C++, Delphi software development courses, software engineering teaching. R&D Engineer Lviv Radio-Technical Research Institute, Software Research & Development Department January 1993 – December 1994 (2 years) Software System Engineering. Ethernet drivers’ development using Assembler. Glonass GPS and navigation system development and application implementation using Turbo-C. AutoCAD system SDK extension development using AutoLISP. System Engineer "Lviv Polytechnic" University, Separate Research & Design Bureau
  11. 11. January 1994 – December 1994 (1 year) Hardware System Engineering. Manchester code support and enhancements. Digital signal processing. Space satellite electronic devices development. Special purposes marine hydro-physics electronic device hardware schema-technique and architecture development and research. Hardware Engineer "Lviv Polytechnic" University, Research Lab #4 January 1993 – December 1993 (1 year) Microelectronic System Engineering. Electronic Devices research and development using i80x86, i8080, i8088, i8051 microprocessors and microcontrollers. Embedded software development and implementation. Electronic Engineer Drohobych Drill Plant, IT Department June 1992 – December 1992 (6 months) System Engineering. Networking. Machine Computer Repair & Maintenance. R&D Engineer Assistant Lviv Radio-Technical Research Institute", Hardware Research & Development Department January 1989 – December 1991 (3 years) System Engineering. Electronic Devices development and testing. Digital signal processing. Special- purpose radar system processor development. Fast- and Fourier transformation and electronic device implementation using PLA/PLD. Texas Instruments TMS320x micro-processor usage. Embedded software development and implementation. Soviet Army Service Strategic Anti Air Defense Service 1988-1989 Some Recent Publications http://www.eweek.com/c/a/IT-Management/How-to-Use-Metrics-to-Improve-Project-Management/ http://www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/tips/archives/2010/02/when_choosing_to_outsource_software_deve lopment_consider_people.html http://www.ebizq.net/topics/dev_tools/features/11821.html?page=1
  12. 12. http://www.executivebrief.com/outsourcing/managing-customer-expectations-it-outsourcing/ http://sandhill.com/article/mastering-cultural-opportunities-in-outsourcing/ http://itonews.eu/softserve-hosting-the-innovations-%E2%80%9Cdiscovery-club%E2%80%9D-meeting-in-lviv/ http://www.kompua.ru/soft/re3w_live_ukra_ns_ka_kompan_ya_zm_nyu_rie_ltorskie_standarti_ssha/ http://system-analyst.org.ua/interesting/reports/23-enterpriseanalysis Trainings & Certifications Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA), Lviv Business School (Ukraine), “National” Business Center (Ukraine), Sinton (Russia), RUSSEE (Russia), PCG (Ukraine), Panduit (USA), Allied Telesis (USA), IFPUG (USA) Education Post-Graduate Course Student "Lviv Polytechnic" University, Computer Department December 1992 – December 1994 (3 years) Computer Sciences. Research work: Marine Hydro-physics Parameters’ Measuring and Processing research. Long-range digital communication channels investigation and development. 22 scientific articles/publishing researched results in Russian, Poland and Ukrainian science magazines and scientific conferences materials. Student "Lviv Polytechnic" University, Computer Department 1986 – 1992 Computer Science Engineer. University graduated with Red Diploma (Diploma with Honors). School graduated with Medal.