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Critical Success Factors & Project Management                      Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are those            th...
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Critical Success Factors & Project Management

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My article on Critical Success Factors & Project Management published in Melstar Internal Newsletter “newspeak@melstar”.

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Critical Success Factors & Project Management

  1. 1. Critical Success Factors & Project Management Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are those the project constraints are Critical Success Factors and outcomes that the project needs to deliver so that which are Political Success Factors, and then deciding everyone appraising the project will agree that it is whether to satisfy the Political Success Factor. The successful, at least in terms of delivery. (A critical success business analyst can lend invaluable assistance to the factor may be the time of delivery.) We define the primary project manager in managing expectations by identifying critical success factors by defining the real problem, the the political success factors as early as they are voiced or vision, and the acceptance criteria. suggested. There are also those aspects of the project that Various researchers have studied different are assessed by individuals or groups within the types of projects and identified the Critical Success stakeholder community. These individual stakeholder Factors (CSF) needed for successful project expectations, which may be concerned with a part of the implementation. One of the main Critical Success Factors outcome, how the product is developed, or even how the associated with project success is top management project is executed, will lead the affected stakeholder to support or involvement. Many of the studies even revealed consider the project less than successful regardless of the that top management involvement “is a main ingredient in overall success of the deliverable. These aspects are the recipe of project success”. In addition, in the survey called Political Success Factors (PSFs). You can solve the conducted by White and Fortune to determine the current problem perfectly well without satisfying these factors, practice in project management, support of top however, the stakeholder will not deem the result management ranked 3rd out of 23 critical factors listed. successful in his or her eyes. Top management support is essential in ensuring project success. Following the research done by Offer it has concluded that top management support has been recognized to have positive impact on project success. However, senior manager should be mindful in providing their support and involvement. They should not overstep and implement their own agenda; otherwise, this might distress the project and project manager. Therefore, it gives rise to following hypothesis. “ Leadership of project manager is the key success factor for managing project in an organization Ref: Key Success Factors for Managing Projects Nader Sh. Kandelousi, Ooi. J., Abdollahi. A While you must meet all Critical Success Factors as a business analyst or project manager, Political - Abhinav Sabharwal Success Factors are optional, usually based on the Business Analyst political clout of the individual voicing that factor. Mumbai The project manager has two challenges regarding political success factors: determining which of The Yash Birla Group 7A Software Services Company