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7 tips to effectively communicate with the next generation

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A presentation on “7 Tips to effectively communicating with the next generation” given at the NASA Education Stakeholder’s Summit in Chantilly, Virginia on 01 December 2011. The presentation explores how to engage "true digital natives" in your mission using a framework developed by historians Strauss and Howe that explains the cyclical nature of generations in Anglo-American history. The annual NASA Education Stakeholders’ Summit was first created in 2010 to bring together high-level representatives of NASA, other Federal Agencies, academia and industry to raise awareness around initiatives for STEM education and workforce development and provide forums for dialogue to enhance those initiatives. This year’s Summit explored how a new infrastructure can be shaped for the STEM workforce of tomorrow for NASA and other organizations, and the message that it is “cool” to work in STEM fields in the Federal Government, NASA, academia and industry.

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