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Corp implementation presentation 2

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Corp implementation presentation 2

  1. 1. Copyright © 2018 Building Engines Incorporated. All rights reserved. 1 Implementation & Support
  2. 2. Methodology Implementation & Deployment Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  3. 3. Methodology Implementation & Deployment
  4. 4. Launch Tenant communications Tenant training Go-live Data Collection & Site Creation Data definition & collection System data load Training & Internal Usage Execution of role- based training plan Internal testing & usage Mid-Point Review Review branding and data loading Workflow configuration Build training schedule Review & Maintain Adoption review Support Continued training Kick-Off Call Identify timeline & team Create a plan for obtaining data Develop project plan Plan for success Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Milestone Phase Implementation Methodology Regular executive check-in after each phase 3-Phase Approach to Comprehensive Implementation
  5. 5. Data Loading All key information pre-loaded: § Employee Records § Customer § User § Vendor § Equipment
  6. 6. Integration Services §Inbound & outbound §Adds/edits/deletes §Frequency controlled
  7. 7. Your Implementation & Support Team Implementation Team • Manages deployment • Deploys as much of the application as possible based on your needs, schedule Client Success Team • Deploys additional functionality and features based on your goals • Advises on best practices Client Support Team • Provides product expertise • Provides support, ad hoc training, and defect monitoring by phone and email Implementation Post-Implementation • Director of Implementation & Technical Services • Implementation Project Manager • Director of Client Success • Client Success Manager • Client Success Specialist
  8. 8. Methodology Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  9. 9. Flexible Support Options Phone (24x7 to live personnel) Email Integrated Customer Support Center On-Demand Training Webinars In-Application Chat
  10. 10. New Building Deployments Annually Client Satisfaction Speed of First Reply Time vs. Industry Average Client Retention Amount Charged to Customers for Support 10,194 96% 5.4x 96% $0 Ensuring Client Success “The team is exceptional… from the team that walked us through the product… to the team that helped us set it all up, and finally the support team.
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