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Sales Presentation - Value Focus

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A value-focused sales presentation created by Slide.Works. http://slide.works

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Sales Presentation - Value Focus

  1. 1. Copyright © 2018 Building Engines Incorporated. All rights reserved. 1 A New Perspective On New Business Sales Presentation
  2. 2. The Old Workplace: Passive
  3. 3. The New Workplace: Active
  4. 4. Copyright © 2018 Building Engines Incorporated. All rights reserved. 4 To Win, You’ll Need Perspective… Are we staying ahead of problems? How satisfied are our clients? Where should we focus next? Are we maximizing revenue?
  5. 5. Perspective To… Better Allocate Resources Demonstrate Performance Drive Consistency Everywhere A single platform providing the right perspective for the entire company
  6. 6. Drive Consistency Everywhere 6
  7. 7. Measure results Drive a Consistency Everywhere Deliver Consistency So You Can… Share perspective Standardize expectations Analyze teams Identify & fix issues Implement standards
  8. 8. Drive Consistency Everywhere ConfigurationMobile Web Reports
  9. 9. Better Allocate Resources
  10. 10. Better Allocate Resources Know, What to Do Exception Management Perform Better
  11. 11. Allocate Resources Where They’re Needed Mobile App DashboardsInspectionsWork Orders Preventive Maintenance
  12. 12. Challenges § Time-consuming manual processes § Quality issues § Unhappy customers Solution § Unified platform § Service levels established § Mobile access for field team Monitoring and Improving Customer Service with Data $2 trillion in assets 10,000 interactions/day Results 65%increase in customer satisfaction rating Midwestern Bank
  13. 13. Demonstrate Performance
  14. 14. Demonstrate Performance to… Users Executives Stakeholders
  15. 15. Demonstrate Competitive Performance Tenant Satisfaction Service Level Attainment Reporting & Analytics Overall Tenant Sentiment
  16. 16. 99% Client Retention 97.3% Client Satisfaction 4.3 Billion Users 87,000 Companies Trusted to Run The Business
  17. 17. Copyright © 2018 Building Engines Incorporated. All rights reserved. 17 Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of property operations Build a better experience with tenants that creates lasting relationships and reduces tenant churn Gain insight into all aspects of property operations so you can optimize Workflow Engine | Integrations | Business Intelligence Proactively manage and mitigate operational risk Impairments Incident Tracking COI Visitor Access Service Level Attainment Dashboards Analytics Alerting Integrations Automated Workflow Data Collection Analytics Operational Risk Management Property Intelligence Platform Work Order Inspections Vendor Portal BE-Mobile Prioritized Dispatch Flexible Service Standards Maintenance (PM) Property Operations Tenant Portal Hand books Resource Scheduling Broadcast Messaging Property Websites Tenant Satisfaction Tenant Pulse The HiveChat Messaging Tenant Experience Product Suite Improve building operations performance & increase asset value Allocating Resources Demonstrating Performance Consistent Brand Platform
  18. 18. Copyright © 2018 Building Engines Incorporated. All rights reserved. 18 A New Perspective On New Business
  19. 19. This presentation was created by Slide.Works. Learn how we can help you at http://slide.works VISIT US ON THE WEB CONTACT US