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Sales Presentation - Visual

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A visual sales presentation created by Slide.Works. http://slide.works

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Sales Presentation - Visual

  1. 1. Executive Overview Sales Presentation
  2. 2. The Chasm: Company and Channel Agent Company Distribution Channel How can I spend less time on manual, redundant tasks and more time selling? How can I improve responsiveness and provide a better customer experience? How can I be significantly more productive without hurting my profitability? How can I deliver more business value with less? Marketing Analyst CIOSales
  3. 3. The Chasm: Company and Channel Agent Company Distribution Channel “I have less manual work to do and am never left in the dark as to where we are in the process.” “We expect to significantly grow market share …We will be able to provide superior customer service” “It’s amazing to see these tools increase productivity, and users able to do their jobs better…” “We did look at other vendors, but no one had a solution like this…. Light years ahead of the competition.” Marketing Analyst CIOSales
  4. 4. We Power Your Front Office
  5. 5. Agents, Brokers Workstation Agent Portal Mobile Tablet App Agent Connectivity App Designer Workstation Underwriting Teams Front Office Suite
  6. 6. Better Productivity Lower costs & speed processes Automated WorkflowCollaboration Real-Time Quoting Sales/ Agent Analyst ManagerAnalyst
  7. 7. Time to Value Growth Shorter turnaround 40-50% New business 41% Future growth 10-12% Go-live within 6 months Growth in new markets 30% Customer Results
  8. 8. This presentation was created by Slide.Works. Learn how we can help you at http://slide.works VISIT US ON THE WEB CONTACT US