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How Great Leaders Inspire Through Storytelling - @High_Spark

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How Great Leaders Inspire Through Storytelling - @High_Spark

  1. 1. Leaders usetoinspire. 5Stories Greatthat
  2. 2. Asleaders you are responsible for more than just ‘leading’
  3. 3. Talking comprises 78% HenryMintzberg Authorof“NatureofManagerialWork” of what managers do with their time.
  4. 4. a team of 12 a company of 10,000 or x 1000 Whether you’re leading
  5. 5. There are times you’ll have to: Rally Support Inspire Action Sell Your Vision
  6. 6. 50% Take-up 1.2 Billion 1,000,000 children 20x Zoom 1.25% inflation 50GHz 1,000 GigabytesFacts & Figures alone won’t cut it. 30 megapixels 4.5 Million Population 4.5 Million dead 1.25% inflation Climate Change 20Kwh
  7. 7. Great Leaders of all-time ToldStories
  8. 8. Leaders usetoinspire. 5Stories Greatthat
  9. 9. Story #1 ChallengeStories
  10. 10. seemingly insurmountable obstacles Overcome leadersuseitto: Tweet this!
  11. 11. KenCarter Example: “Coach Carter”
  12. 12. Our deepest fear is notthatweareinadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerfulbeyondmeasure. -CoachCarter
  13. 13. Current state Perceived State New State How it works
  14. 14. Application Low Morale Fearful Powerful Beyond Measure Break the false notion that the current state is worse that it seems.
  15. 15. Story #2 ConnectingStories
  16. 16. to their experiences because ‘I’ve been there’. Relate leadersuseitto: Tweet this!
  17. 17. J.K.Rowling Example: Commencement Speech
  18. 18. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default. YoumightneverfailonthescaleIdid, butsomefailureinlifeisinevitable. -J.K.Rowling
  19. 19. Current Team state A worse-off scenario Possibility Related Experience How it works
  20. 20. Application Graduation : Fear of Failure Rejection from publishers Uncertain times and emotions Succeed Tremendously Find common ground to make them feel understood.
  21. 21. Story #3 MetaphoricStories
  22. 22. concepts with mental imagery that increases retention and understanding Articulate leadersuseitto: Tweet this!
  23. 23. BrianDyson Example: Farewell Speech
  24. 24. they will be irrevocablydamaged. -BrianDyson You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. are made of glass. these four balls: FormerCEO,CocaCola Family,Health,Friends,Spirit If you drop one of these.... Leaveontime.GivetimetoFriends&Family.Get ProperRest.
  25. 25. CharacteristicsMainsubject visualsubject visualsubject visualsubject How it works
  26. 26. CharacteristicsRelationships Glass Flower Infant Application Identify lesson and create visual analogy to illustrate moral.
  27. 27. Story #4 VisionaryStories
  28. 28. leadersuseitto: grandiose dreams that can potentially influence big change. Sell Tweet this!
  29. 29. ElonMusk Example: Tesla Battery Unveiling
  30. 30. andwewilldo. -ElonMusk “That’s the future we could have.. That’s the future we need to have. Zero CO2 emissions: It’s something that we must do, that we can do
  31. 31. Vision Introduce Gap Solution Road Map How it works
  32. 32. Global Warming Tesla Batteries Demo Application True Sustainable Energy Sell the dream, with a sturdy plan on how to achieve it.
  33. 33. Story #5 CautionaryStories
  34. 34. past or future mistakes that can be prevented or minimized Avoid leadersuseitto: Tweet this!
  35. 35. AlGore Example: An Inconvenient Truth
  36. 36. andclimatecrisisisReal. -AlGore “Here is the truth: The Earth is round; Elvis is dead; Obama was born in the United States;
  37. 37. How it works Current State Resolution Peril
  38. 38. Application Greenhouse Effect Saving the Planet Melted Polar Ice Caps Offer a clear ultimatum between choosing crisis or resolution.
  39. 39. Recap
  40. 40. Start leadingthrough Stories. Purposeful
  41. 41. Different name. Same awesome team. We’re now HighSpark. Visit New Site
  42. 42. We’ve helped change makers tell their stories in a more powerful way that drives action. Let us help you too. Contact Us Great Presentations are no accident.
  43. 43. Inspired by this article: @kristihedges
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