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Presentation Design Techniques from the Masters by @slidecomet @itseugenec

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Here's our take on some popular approaches to Presentation Design seen in some work by great presenters. Enjoy! Download here for a Tweet!: http://goo.gl/eV54K

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Presentation Design Techniques from the Masters by @slidecomet @itseugenec

  1. Presentation Techniques from the masters Design
  2. their slides? Ever wondered how masterful presenters Design
  3. We thought we’d share: Great Examples & Presenters
  5. BIG it utilizes really as visuals TEXT
  6. it isolates the: MAINmessage of each slide
  7. What it looks like:
  9. KAWASAKI Design Method
  10. it’s also coined the: METHOD 10. 20. 30.
  11. Slides 10. 20. 30.
  12. Minutes 10. 20. 30. Lasting
  13. Point Font 10. 20. 30. at least
  14. any presentation to reach agreement. Mainly used for (e.g. investor pitch)
  15. Because if you think I suck, I at least want you to be able to track my progress through the speech so that you know approximately know how much longer I’m going to suck.” ” - Guy Kawasaki Guy’s reason for the Top 10 format:
  16. What it looks like:
  17. Brief Succinct Digestable
  18. LESSIGDesign Method
  19. Images are used Sparingly
  20. Slides sync with Speech “as I was saying, the WORDS CHANGES WITH YOUR SPEECH”
  21. Many Slides that change Quickly
  22. What it looks like:
  23. Dynamic Exciting Stimulating
  25. + IMAGES TEXT It utilizes:
  26. IMAGES It utilizes : ^ mainly
  27. IMAGE SUPERIORITY It advocates : & Storytelling
  28. “Make slides that Reinforce your words not repeat them.” -Seth Godin
  29. What it looks like:
  31. Steve Jobs Design Method
  32. It utilizes a Gradient Background
  33. Huge Images with Text
  34. it’s kept Minimal.
  35. Minimal animation. Minimal elements. Minimal message. no bullets.
  36. What it looks like:
  37. Visual. Elegant. Impactful.
  39. Great Designs out there. There are many other
  40. Get Inspired. & Create Your Own Design
  41. Inspired bythese people: Lawrence Lessig Guy Kawasaki Masoyoshi Takahashi Seth Godin Steve Jobs Michael Pancho’s Deck
  42. Other Credits TheStockXchange PresentationZen WWDC
  43. Need some help?
  44. Different name. Same awesome team. We’re now HighSpark. Visit New Site