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Make Effective SlideShare Presentations with Free PowerPoint Templates by @slide_shop

SlideShare presentations are designed to be rapidly scanned, giving the viewer a quick overview of your topic in an easily-digestible and sharable format.

We compiled 3 Free PowerPoint Templates optimized for SlideShare presentations, plus an Instructional Template with best practices, tips, and tricks to create effective SlideShare presentations.

Set yourself up for SlideShare success – Download the Free Templates here: http://bit.ly/2JavQrH

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Make Effective SlideShare Presentations with Free PowerPoint Templates by @slide_shop

  1. 1. The Ultimate PowerPoint Template for Effective SlideShare Presentations twitter.com/slide_shop w w w . s l i d e s h o p . c o m
  2. 2. Did you know… 90% of the information processed by your brain comes from visual experiences. The human brain can process the meaning of visuals seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. According to Xerox, color visuals can improve focus and information recall by as much as 82 percent.
  3. 3. Present an idea for quick reading. Promote a product with key pieces of information. Simplify a concept into focused points. The Purpose of SlideShare Presentations
  4. 4. Design for the SlideShare Platform A SlideShare presentation is different from a typical presentation because its format encourages users to scan through information quickly. Export your PPT into a PDF to upload your presentation to SlideShare, as while the details are small, PDF generally can convert and render better on SlideShare.
  5. 5. VISUAL ELEMENTS Stock Photos Use high quality Stock Photography to emphasize a point and add emotional appeal for a more engaging experience. For a wide range selection of over 300K professional stock photography visit https://slideshop.com/images/
  6. 6. Be Boldand Consistentwith color, and use High Contrast
  7. 7. Save time creating SlideShare presentations with these free slide templates. 7 ABOUT SLIDESHOP SlideShop is the largest library of professional presentation templates, charts, graphs, stock photos, icons, and illustrations. With 400,000 assets and new content every week, it's like having your own design team to help you make an impact. Join & Start Downloading today at slideshop.com/lp/subscription. Download the Template D O W N L O A D N O W