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Building an Exhibit Sales Plan

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In this presentation, Sam Lippman discusses the necessity of having an exhibit and sponsorship sales plan and how to build one with Kellie Shevlin of Craft Beverage Expo and Ryan Brown of NTP.

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Building an Exhibit Sales Plan

  1. 1. Building an Exhibit Sales Plan IAEE DC Chapter April 10, 2015
  2. 2. Agenda • Self-Introductions • What is a Sales Plan? • Building a Sales Plan • Executing the Sales Plan • Lessons Learned
  3. 3. • 30+ years producing exhibitions, conferences, forums, and roundtables • Produced International CES, GRAPH EXPO, and PRINT • Consults in strategic planning, management, and marketing • Facilitates board meetings, user groups, and attendee and exhibitor focus groups • Produce by-invitation events for the exhibition industry Sam Lippman Founder and President Lippman Connects
  4. 4. • Account Executive to Sales Director, National Trade Productions (2002- 2009) • Director of Sales, Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show (2009-2012) • Managed 5 sales people • Founder, Craft Beverage Expo (2012) • Launched in 2013 with first event in 2014 • Responsible for all sales in 2014, hired sales person for 2015 Kellie Shevlin Executive Director Craft Beverage Expo
  5. 5. • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (2007-2009) • American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) (2009-2013) • National Trade Productions (2013- Present) • Sells 5 shows • Manages 3 sales people Ryan Brown Director of Sales & Event Services National Trade Productions
  6. 6. Who’s in the Audience? • Suppliers/venues/destinations • Show Managers • Show Managers = 75% to exhibit sales • Sell exhibit space and sponsorship • Sell exhibit space only • Sell sponsorships only
  7. 7. The Sales Plan is… • Assessment of current sales • Statement of sales objectives • Strategies for achieving these objectives • Track exactly when, how and if you will achieve your goals • Resources available
  8. 8. Must Have a Sales Plan Because… • Exhibitors are more savvy – Asking more questions – Looking for ROI before they commit • Exhibitors want new options to invest marketing dollars instead of exhibit space • Diversified product portfolio a must to ensure exhibitors spend with you
  9. 9. Must Have a Sales Plan Because… • Mergers & Acquisitions – Industries contracting through mergers & acquisition plus companies going out of business – Fewer companies to sell – Must find new business to stay even
  10. 10. Sales Plan is Your Roadmap to Success • Sets measurable sales goals – Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely • Creates trackable sales campaigns • Ensures simultaneous marketing and sales campaigns • Quarterly reviews ensures mid-course corrections
  11. 11. Building the Sales Plan • Analyze Industry Data – Look for industry trends, market shifts, key business drivers/influencers – Found in surveys, industry pubs, market research, Google – Can identify growth markets, explain sales trends, help relate to exhibitors
  12. 12. Building the Sales Plan
  13. 13. Building the Sales Plan • Set Goals • Set Budget • Coordinate with Marketing • Start Writing
  14. 14. Building the Sales Plan • Overview • Define Event Goals • Database Analysis • SWOT Analysis • Sales/Marketing Campaign Detail • FABs (Features, Advantages, Benefits) • Lead Generation/Key Targets
  15. 15. Building the Sales Plan • Features, Advantages, & Benefits (FABs) – Use your prospects’ own words in your sales materials and scripts – Know why your best leads say “YES” – What’s in it for me? • Common Objections
  16. 16. Building the Sales Plan
  17. 17. Building the Sales Plan • Present the plan • Confirm buy-in from sales & marketing teams • Sell! Sell! Sell!
  18. 18. Executing the Sales Plan • Exhibit Sales Tracking Sheet – Project where your sales will come – Breaks sales plan into digestible bites – Reveals soft spots in industry – Know your real-time status in a glance
  19. 19. Executing the Sales Plan • Eliminate “NO’s” and Get to “YES” – Identify source and product category codes of your “A” leads – Segment the data to call prospects that match closest to your “A” leads – Eliminate “C” prospects so not waste time
  20. 20. Executing the Sales Plan • Build Capacity and Motivate Your Team – Be proactive – Measure Activity/Progress – Accountability
  21. 21. Lessons Learned • Know the value of your show to your industry/profession • Confirm which source codes produced • Introduce new product categories • Sales plan is a daily/weekly/monthly reflection of your efforts
  22. 22. Lessons Learned • Don’t be afraid to adapt the plan • Must get buy in from marketing • Must get feedback from exhibitors • Plus 1 month determine changes made to next year’s sales plan
  23. 23. Questions? For more information, contact: kellie@craftbeverageexpo.com rbrown@ntpshow.com sam@lippmanconnects.com