Developing and Sustaining Your Alumni Club

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  • Thank Cindy and introduce me!
  • Increased degree valueThe work you’re doing will help UD become an outstanding institutionVolunteer recognition Your position helps to build your resume and personal developmentNetworkingYou’ll be building your own networks of alumni and Blue HensShared experiencesOpportunity to gather with UD alumni, staff, faculty, parents, and friends who share a common bond – the University of DelawareOverall messageWe can prove our alumni are involved with their community and stay in contact with their alma mater after graduation
  • This fiscal year we’ll be moving forward with two types of alumni groups: Regional Alumni Clubs and Blue Hen Cities. Both are designed to engage alumni throughout the country.The names are based on the number of alumni in each region.“ALUMI POPULATION”
  • Recruitment shouldn’t just start when a volunteer position becomes vacant.As an alumni club you should always keep your eyes and ears open for an alumna/alumnus who could be your replacement.When a term is up, our volunteers could consider another position if they’d like to stay involved.AR is in constant contact with our other departments such as Development, Annual Giving and Admissions to identify alumni who might be interested in volunteering. Some alumni serve in two capacities. And we take referrals!Lastly, always keep in mind friends other cities who express interest in reconnecting with UD, they would make great volunteers!
  • To keep operations running smoothly, here are a few tips to help transition our new volunteer.The outgoing and incoming officer should meet to discuss their duties, successes and goals. The outgoing officer should be open to answering questions.And make sure you pass down your materials and forward emails because it will make the incoming officer’s job much easier!
  • Each alumni club should pay close attention to diversifying.Board Officers from different generations an important part to making sure all ages are represented throughout our programming.Entertaining all ages also helps alumni feel comfortable when they attend events.
  • Another tool to help broaden the reach of your alumni club is to establish committees.The NYC Alumni Club has done a great job with this, Stephen, President will share more with us about how their committees developed but for now here are a few examples.For example, the Special Events Committee could be led by the Special Events Chair. Him/her could recruit volunteers who want a limited role at the time but with experience could someday become board officers.Our DC Alumni Club, who isn’t with us today, has an alumnus who serves as the “Sports Chair,” his responsibility is to organize their sport/social team each season. And he’s developed his own following with the Capital Area Network League.
  • This fiscal year we’d like our existing and new clubs to look for an alumni who could fit this position.Explain the responsibilities.
  • Lastly, each volunteer, whether you’re the President or a committee member should be an ambassador for the University of Delaware! Your programming will not only attracting alumni, occasionally you’ll meet current students and even Blue Hen parents – all are important to supporting the mission of UD.We’re asking you all to learn about the new things happening at the University and share them with alumni you meet at events, be sure to ask alumni about their experience and don’t hesitate to share yours. *Don’t mention middle school dance, Leslie does.
  • Developing and Sustaining Your Alumni Club

    1. 1. Developing & Sustaining your Alumni Club<br />Alumni Club Volunteer Training<br />June 3, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Overview<br />Benefits of volunteering<br />Regional Alumni Club vs. Blue Hen City<br />Recruitment<br />Transitioning<br />Diversification<br />Committees<br />New Position = Treasurer<br />UD Ambassador<br />1<br />
    3. 3. Benefits of Your Leadership<br />Increased degree value<br />Gathering alumni, parents, and friends, UD will gain a more visible presence in the region, nation and the world<br />Volunteer recognition <br />Networking<br />You have the opportunity to make new friends, business acquaintances, and personal contacts. You’ll be building your own networks of alumni<br />Shared experiences<br />Opportunity to gather with UD alumni, staff, faculty, parents, and friends who share a common bond – the University of Delaware<br />2<br />
    4. 4. UD Alumni Groups<br />3<br />
    5. 5. Recruitment<br />Which alumni will make good volunteers?<br />Frequently attend events<br />Highly involved as undergraduates<br />Currently involved as professionals in other organizations<br />Give back to UD<br />Don’t wait until a position is open to look for potential board officers <br />Constantly market and promote open positions<br />Internal rotation and moving up the ranks<br />Help from the Office of Alumni Relations (AR) to identify leaders<br />Friends<br />4<br />
    6. 6. Transitioning<br />Outgoing officers<br />Describe the duties of the office<br />Biggest challenges and how to avoid them<br />Biggest success in this the position (role specific)<br />Your goals<br />Share materials, forward emails and/or make a binder<br />Incoming officers<br />Questions for the outgoing officer<br />Your goals for the club<br />Your plan to work effectively with the other board officers<br />5<br />
    7. 7. Diversification<br />Alumni with diverse backgrounds and experience could bring something new to the group<br />Different generations will help to bring diversity to alumni club events <br />Help to make all alumni feel comfortable and welcome at all events<br />6<br />
    8. 8. Committees<br />University Committee<br />Help with plans for Alumni Weekend, Homecoming and Presidential events<br />Special Events Committee<br />Assist the Special Events Chair with event planning<br />Member could fill the position when term ends<br />Athletic Committee<br />Organize a team for a local sports league<br />Organize gatherings around sporting events<br />7<br />
    9. 9. Treasurer<br />Responsibilities<br />Oversee regional alumni club finances<br />Assist board officers in preparing the yearly budget<br />Maintain and supervise the alumni club’s fund<br />Work with AR to make financial arrangements for events<br />Report quarterly to AR<br />Work in partnership with AR and other board officers to coordinate sponsorships and in-kind donations received from alumni<br />8<br />
    10. 10. Be an Ambassador!<br />Support the mission of the University of Delaware and the greater University community<br />Promote the University of Delaware and foster positive relationships between alumni, students and parents<br />Share the new things happening on campus, educate yourself!<br />Ask alumni about their experience at UD and share yours<br />Ask for and be open to feedback about your efforts<br />9<br />