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Groupama Sailing Race Game Manual

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Manual presenting the game Groupama Sailing Race


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Groupama Sailing Race Game Manual

  1. 1. Game manual • General presentation • Move your boat • Characteristics of the boat • Missions • Shop • In-port racingAny question, any problem ? Contact us ! GSR@smartandgeek.com
  2. 2. General presentationGroupama Sailing Race is a role-play wherein you are a skipper steering themonohull G4.The game is composed of 9 universes corresponding to the official stopovers of theVolvo Ocean Race (Alicante, Cap Town, ...). Universes will get unlocked as the realrace will progress.To progress in the game, you have to achieve missions and explore each universe.The experience (XP) and the credits you will get will improve the characteristics ofyour boat.Legs and overall rankings of the players are available. Prizes will be offered to thebest players of every legs and of the overall race ! Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  3. 3. Move your boat To move your boat, you just have to click on a navigation point. navigation point Each moving requires 1 nautical mile. Nautical miles are symbolized by a rubber ring.Important : you can only move your When your nautic capacity is 0, you can reload yourboat toward points directly linked to miles in two ways :your position. •Automatic reload (time) •Friends invitations Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  4. 4. Characteristics of the boatThe boat has 3 characteristics : • Nautic capacity The maximum number of nautical miles the boat can hold • Reload speed The reloading time in seconds for one nautical mile • Structure The structure of the boat influences its equipments by giving a boost in % for the 2 others characteristics. The 3 characteristics of the boat are improved by : • the level of the player (XP) Level / XP • equipments of the boat (see the next page) Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  5. 5. Characteristics of the boat The boat is composed of 5 customizable equipments (Font sail, Main sail, Mast, Hull, Keel). Those equipments have their proper characteristics that influence : •The nautical capacity, that enables to move •The loading speed of nautical miles •The structure of the boatEquipments can : Shop•be bought in the shop, accessible in the stopover city of the Inventoryuniverse•get consulted everywhere else in the inventory Equip your boat•be managed in the Equip your boat menu Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  6. 6. Shop The shop is only accessible in the stopover cities of the universes. It allows to get equipments or Insurances cards spending the credits, held during the game.To buy certain equipments, you have to reach a minimum level or to have aminimum of friends in the race.When you own the equipment, you can install it on your boat using the menu“Equip your boat” ( ). Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  7. 7. MissionsWhen you realize missions, you can get experience, credits, artefacts or des equipments. The question mark indicates a place where you can accept new missions to achieve. The exclamation mark indicates a destination place for an accepted mission. To realize new missions, go the navigation points with a question mark Click the to launch the missions board Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  8. 8. Missions The board enables to check the available missions thanks to the : To accept a new mission, select an available mission (grey colour) and press on “realize the mission”. When you have accepted all the missions, click on the cross to close the window and come back to the game. The mission icon allow to consult every time all the current missions to accomplishGains to win if you Place of the destinationaccomplish the mission of the mission Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com
  9. 9. In-port racing Groupama Sailing Race is also a great racing. To appear in the rank, you have to : - do the best score in the in-port race (mini boat-race) - do the best time in the offshore racing, the race that link 2 stopover cities To access the mini boat-race during the in-port racing, go to the green specific area. • Your goal: do the best score. • You can restart the game without limit • If you beat your best score, you can get more credits !Your best score in the in-port racing will be counted in the overall ranking de of theleg, in addition of the offshore racing ! Any question, any problem ? Contact us GSR@smartandgeek.com