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EDCompass June 2008 - SMART at NECC

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EDCompass June 2008 - SMART at NECC

  1. 1. newsletter June 2008 NEWS AND RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS USING SMART PRODUCTS SMART at NECC I N T H I S I SS U E N a N c y’S N oT E S The tipping point Nancy’s Notes .......................................... 1 Classroom Content ...............................2–5 A tipping point is the “level at which News ....................................................2–4 the momentum for change becomes Feature Article .......................................... 4 unstoppable.”* Over 15 percent of U.S. classrooms are now equipped with an SMART Showcase School Profile ............... 5 interactive whiteboard, so it is fair to say Product Spotlight ..................................6–7 that this product category has reached Subscribe to the newsletter ..................... 8 a tipping point and that momentum is driving interactive whiteboards toward becoming indispensable tools in a N oT E f r o m T H E E d I To r 21st-century classrooms. Not only have teachers’ skills with Welcome to the June issue of computers developed significantly over EDCompass™ newsletter! the past few years, but they also have a The 29th annual National Educational willingness and desire to use technology. Computing Conference (NECC) is just In the same time frame, the infrastructure in schools with Internet and network connections has also rapidly evolved, and interactive days away, and this issue of the newsletter whiteboards have been integrated into everyday teaching and learning. Teachers and is your one-stop shop for all the information administrators have seen the benefit of these products – students consistently have positive you’ll need to navigate your way around our booth. On page 3, find a schedule of our classroom experiences, and research points to increased engagement and motivation, and better retention. It has been increasingly acknowledged that the reusability of materials has stage presentations, workshops, learning made teachers more productive, and teachers routinely report being able to cover more opportunities and daily prize giveaways. concepts more quickly. This issue also highlights our new student Look for us at NECC in booth 8145. We’ll demo our interactive whiteboards and showcase edition of SMART Notebook software, so be our latest integrated interactive whiteboard system, our new version of SMART Notebook among the first to find out how it can help software, our extensive bank of content and resources, the type of services and professional your students organize their notes and work development that we offer and many other products that can be combined in a variety of on digital assignments. If you or any of your different ways to create engaging, interactive learning experiences. While you’re there, you’ll colleagues plan to attend NECC, stop by for a be able to appreciate how well our products integrate for unparalleled ease of use. one-on-one demo. Get a firsthand look at what is causing excitement in classrooms across North America and As always, if you have any comments about the world. We’re ready to show you our best. the newsletter or any of the information featured in this issue, we’d love to hear * Walsh, Bryan. 2007. “A green tipping point.” Time Magazine, October. from you. Please e-mail your feedback to education@smarttech.com. Nancy Knowlton is the CEO of SMART Technologies. June 2008 | PG 1
  2. 2. c l a SS r o o m c o N T E N T NEwS SMART Notebook Visit us at NECC lesson activities Find hundreds of high-quality K–12 lesson activities on our website at www.smarttech.com/EdCLA. Each lesson is June 29–July 2, 2008 correlated to local curriculum standards and Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center created by classroom teachers or SMART’s team of curriculum resource developers. San Antonio, Texas SMART booth 8145 Here are a few of our new lesson activities to try with your students. You can find the Senteo™ With more than 18,000 teachers, technology coordinators, library media counterparts of these lessons on page 3. specialists, administrators, policymakers, industry representatives and exhibitors from Vowels around the globe, NECC is billed as one of the world’s most comprehensive education Students in K–3 language arts classes can technology events. identify and write all the vowels of the alphabet. We are there for the tenth year to showcase SMART’s all-encompassing solution of hardware, software, classroom content, resources, services and support that will help Powers I you make a difference in your students’ education and have a positive impact on their Math students in grades 7–9 use scientific learning outcomes. notation to understand powers. If you’re attending NECC, stop by our booth to say hello and meet some of SMART’s Optic Fibers product experts, education consultants, curriculum developers and classroom teachers Science students in grades 10–12 examine who are proficient users of SMART products. Learn more about our professional some of the uses of optic fibers and how development offerings, and find out how to connect with a community of educators they work. who are achieving significant results in their classrooms each day. What lesson activities correlate SMART Document Camera is now available to my standards? Have you ever wondered which SMART- created lesson activities and Senteo ques- Visit our booth at NECC, and see how you can further engage your students and tion sets correlate to your local curriculum encourage their participation in class with the SMART Document Camera. The document standards? You can find out in the Educator camera easily connects to a SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard to capture images and Resources section on our website under videos directly to SMART Notebook software. Lesson Activities. When you’re on the SMART Notebook lesson activities or Senteo question You can learn more about the document camera in the August issue of the newsletter sets page, select the Browsing Curriculum and at www.smarttech.com/doccam. Standards link and see what you find! June 2008 | PG 2
  3. 3. NEwS c l a SS r o o m c o N T E N T Events at the SMART booth Senteo question sets Carry this listing of SMART’s stage presentations and prize giveaways with you so you can attend any sessions at NECC that interest you and ensure you’re at our booth when we’re giving away free products. SMART booth presentations Monday, June 30 Tuesday, July 1 Wednesday, July 2 9:30–10:00 a.m. What’s new at SMART Get SMART about SMART’s training bringing your services administration on board 10:30–11:00 a.m. SMART’s training services SMART’s online SMART Exemplary content and resources Educators 11:30 a.m.– SMART’s online content SMART Exemplary SMART’s ultimate 12:00 noon and resources Educators how-to guide 12:30–1:00 p.m. Get SMART about SMART Notebook SMART’s online Find a database of Senteo bringing your software 10 content and resources question sets and lesson activities at administration on board education.smarttech.com/SenteoLAUS. Each question set includes 10 questions 1:30–2:00 p.m. SMART’s ultimate What’s new at SMART SMART Notebook that are correlated to local curriculum how-to guide software 10 standards and are compatible with a matching SMART-created lesson activity on 2:00 p.m. Daily draw and the same topic. prize giveaways Here are some of our newest Senteo 2:30–3:00 p.m. SMART Exemplary SMART’s training services question sets that you can use in your Educators language arts, math and science classes. 3:30–4:00 p.m. SMART Notebook SMART’s ultimate Vowels software 10 how-to guide K–3 language arts students can learn how to identify vowels in the alphabet. 4:30–5:00 p.m. SMART’s Extraordinary Daily draw and prize Moments TeacherTube giveaways Powers Video Contest Math students in grades 7–9 can learn about integers, with questions relating to 5:00 p.m. Daily draw and prize squared and cubed numbers and other giveaways powers. Wear a SMART T-shirt and win! Optic Fibers Science students in grades 10–12 can Drop by the SMART booth at NECC and pick up your free SMART T-shirt. The more you wear it learn about the properties and uses of on the show floor, the more chances you’ll have to win a SMART Board interactive whiteboard optic fibers. for your classroom. We’re giving one away each day of the show. Visit our SMART at NECC website to learn more about our products, services and programs at necc.smarttech.com. June 2008 | PG 3
  4. 4. c l a SS r o o m c o N T E N T NEwS SMART Learning Showcase your lessons on the SMART Marketplace Exchange Do you want to share your best SMART Notebook lesson activities with other educators? Are you looking for inspiration from peers who use SMART products? Now, you can upload your own activities and download lessons from peers through the SMART Exchange. Teacher- submitted lesson activities are organized by subject, grade level and keyword tags, so it’s easy to find the lessons you need. You can also provide feedback to fellow educators by adding your comments and ratings. Visit the Exchange at exchange.smarttech.com/files, and select Teacher-created lesson activities to start sharing your lesson activities today. SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards For Dummies® We just released the first interactive whiteboard reference guide in the popular For Dummies series of books, designed to enhance your experience of using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. This how-to guide will help you discover new ways to transform your lessons into memorable learning experiences. Searching tips Visit our website at smarttech.com/support to find out how to get your copy of the SMART Searching for content in the SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards For Dummies® guide. Learning Marketplace just got easier. You can now quickly find what you need by performing a keyword search and then f E aT U r E a r T I c l E filtering your search results by content Kicking it up a notch type and subject. When you find content you are interested in, preview your learning object before Click. Buzz. Hum. Wow. downloading it by selecting the Preview link below the thumbnail image. This These are the sounds of Jason way, you don’t use up your subscription Dixon’s eighth-grade class coming allowance on content that does not meet to life every morning. You’ll your needs. hear pops announcing iBook® computers opening. You’ll pick up Texas correlations the electronic tones of software applications whirring. The reassuring All manipulatives, audio, video and les- purr of a SMART Board interactive son resources (PDFs) in the Learning whiteboard. The backbeat of Marketplace are now correlated to Texas fingertips pulsing over keyboards. All Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) cur- intermingled with students chatting about their day’s work. riculum standards. “Just use your digital camera and import it.” “Listen to what I found in GarageBand®.” Visit the SMART Learning Marketplace at learningmarketplace.smartech.com. But what you don’t hear is of equal significance. No textbooks hit desks with hollow thuds. There’s no whine of pencils ground and sharpened to tiny nubs. No erasers rip through sheets of lined paper. What you hear are the sounds that accompany one-to-one learning, a school- wide initiative Oregon’s Springfield Middle School launched four years ago. Every student receives an iBook and uses it for every subject and every class. Read the full article. June 2008 | PG 4
  5. 5. S m a r T S H owc a S E Sc H o o l P r o f I l E c l a SS r o o m c o N T E N T Walnut Hill engages every student in learning New interactive tools in the Gallery Whether students are reading a new novel, reviewing grammar lessons or learning about U.S. state capitals, learning in Sara Ritsema’s fifth-grade classroom Access new and updated is engaging and interactive for everyone. And it shows in their Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills scores – 59 percent of students scored at the Commended multimedia tools in the Essentials for Performance standard in reading this year. Educators section of SMART Notebook 10’s Gallery. You’ll also be able to run a search Ritsema is one of 17 teachers at of more than 6,600 free learning objects. Walnut Hill Elementary School in Dallas, Texas, who uses a SMART Here’s a sampling of some of the new tools: Board interactive whiteboard. But Calendar generator what makes her class even more dynamic is the integration of her Create and insert a monthly calendar into AirLiner™ wireless slate and Senteo your SMART Notebook page. interactive response system. Today’s Ruler – interactive learners love to use technology, and she says it helps them become Draw a straight line with the pen tool and actively involved in class. “That use this ruler to measure it. instant response we get with the Spinner Senteo system really engages the kids in learning,” says Ritsema, Change the speed of the spinner, and whose class comprises special needs individually customize up to 12 sections students and general education with specific text and color. students. “My special needs students Multiple dice are also excelling using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. It Choose up to eight dice to roll in various promotes, encourages and allows colors, and insert the sum of the dice into participation by every student.” your SMART Notebook page. Gallery Sampler In the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities, students We have revamped the Gallery Sampler. practice their morning calendar and daily weather exercises on the SMART Board Here, you can find the most popular interactive whiteboard, and Jeri Kitner, campus technologist at Walnut Hill, says it’s education content for your lessons, helping them to become more active learners. “The kids can touch the cloud and move such as the most popular Flash objects, it around the SMART Board when they’re talking about the weather and it involves all photographs, sounds and videos, along with students in the classroom, not just one,” says Kitner. “Whether they want to touch and 23 new Themes. drag an object with their fingers, a pen tool, a tennis ball, anything, it all works, and it’s helping them to understand concepts more easily.” If you missed the SMART Notebook 10 edition of the newsletter, you can download it now at education.smarttech.com/ As the subjects come alive, every student is engaged in their learning. “With our large EdComp2008. The April issue is jam- special needs population, not every child has the same learning style, and the SMART Boards encourage kinesthetic learners to touch and manipulate graphics on the board,” packed with information on the software’s says Mary Johnston, Walnut Hill’s principal. “The technology has helped to increase their new lesson-creation features and teaching understanding and learning … and it’s contributing to the rise in our test scores, which is resources. just phenomenal.” If you would like to visit Walnut Hill Elementary School to talk with educators about their successes and see firsthand how they’re putting SMART products to work, visit the SMART Showcase School section on our website at www.smarttech.com/ EdCShowcase. June 2008 | PG 5
  6. 6. P r o d U c T S P oT l I g H T Quick facts about SMART Notebook SE the software • Ideal for any student computing device, including laptops, PDAs, SMART phones and desktops • The SMART Notebook SE beta for Windows® operating systems begins in August 2008 As technology-enabled classrooms become more prevalent across North • The beta for Mac OS operating systems will America and around the world, the K–12 education model is increasingly changing be available in spring 2009 from a teacher-led to a student-led environment. Today’s students are digital natives growing up immersed in a world of technology, and teachers are no longer the sole hub of information. Following along with this trend, SMART is addressing an obvious need • SMART Notebook files can be transferred for a solution that offers structure and enables collaboration and assessment in your from teacher to student and student to classroom, while encouraging students to guide their own learning. teacher SMART Notebook SE software • Take-home privileges allow students to download the software to their home SMART Notebook SE is the first education software made and designed for students computers to use in technology-rich classrooms. It keeps your students organized by giving them access to the tools they need to create work, store their files and share ideas in a • The Gallery includes activities and multimedia environment. templates for book reports and other subject-specific activities “We’re now living in a society of digital natives, and research is showing that students prefer to do their homework in a digital format,” says Jenna Pipchuck, SMART Notebook • Students can browse for assignment due SE product manager. “Many teachers, however, are reluctant to assign digital homework dates or find only subject-specific files because students generally don’t have access to the same software at home. SMART Notebook SE’s take-home privileges help to alleviate this problem, so students can study and continue working on projects on their home computers.” • Multiple SMART Notebook files can be opened at a time, and students can We’re looking for beta testers flip between homework, websites and assignments We are launching the SMART Notebook SE beta in August, and we’re looking for students between the ages of 8 and 18 to test the software until December 31, • Students are able to engage in higher order 2008. If you would like more information about how to get involved, send an e-mail to beta@smarttech.com, and tell us what kind of computer environment you teach in. thinking because the software allows them to instantly annotate over files without You and your students could be testing SMART Notebook SE in the next school year! having to make notes first The full release of SMART Notebook SE will be available in January 2009. June 2008 | PG 6
  7. 7. P r o d U c T S P oT l I g H T See it in action Student power Learn more about the SMART Notebook SE beta at NECC. Visit booth 8145 for a demonstration, and see how you and your students can create a dynamic and collaborative teaching and learning environment. An inside look Using SMART Notebook SE, your students will have access to all the features you’re enjoying in SMART Notebook 10, plus the ability to • Complete assignments • Interact with material you send them • Take digital notes • Transfer files to you and back again • Access digital content • Search for and organize their digital files • Open and flip through multiple SMART Notebook files • Customize their own home page They can do all of this on their personal or Check the following features in SMART Notebook SE that will help your shared computing device at school, in the students get organized and motivated for school. library and at home. My Home is a personal home page for your students’ computers. This is a creative and customizable space that they can adorn with their own pictures, thoughts, doodles, Up next notes or drawings. My Binder is the heart of your students’ file management and organization. It displays all their SMART Notebook files on their computers. This includes teacher-created Watch for the Summer Update edition files, student-created files and assessments in each of their subjects. Students can of EDCompass newsletter. This two-page add keywords to search for files and organize assignments by subject and due dates. primer will keep you informed of contests, When accessing a file, a preview panel at the bottom of the screen shows pages of the training events and new products that are selected file so that students can quickly browse the file to see if it’s the one they’re available this summer. searching for. June 2008 | PG 7 © 2008 SMART Technologies ULC. All rights reserved. EDCompass, Senteo, SMART Board, AirLiner, smarttech, the SMART logo, and all SMART product logos and taglines are trademarks or registered trademarks of SMART Technologies ULC in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other third-party product and company names are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Printed in Canada 06/2008 10318-08
  8. 8. Sign up now for EDCompass newsletter Stay informed with the latest educator news and resources from SMART’s EDCompass™ newsletter. This free monthly e-newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest SMART products, best practices, tips and tools designed to help you in your daily teaching. Get quick, convenient online access to classroom content, professional development, the latest lesson activities, program opportunities and contests. Find the latest issue of the newsletter on our website at education.smarttech.com/EdCompCurrent. Subscribe now (Please print clearly.) Name (first and last) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grade(s) and subject(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ School name ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ School address (include state/province, zip/postal code) ________________________________________________________________________ Do you currently use SMART products?  Yes  No Telephone number _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail address ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please send me periodic updates on SMART’s products and services  Yes  No We will not sell or rent your information to any other organization without your explicit permission. Read the entire privacy policy at www.smarttech.com/company/privacy.asp. June 2008 | PG 8 © 2008 SMART Technologies ULC. All rights reserved. EDCompass, smarttech, the SMART logo and all SMART taglines are trademarks or registered trademarks of SMART Technologies ULC in the U.S. and/or other countries.. Printed in Canada 06/2008 10318-08