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SARSSM Using Social Media to Make a Difference

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SARSSM explains to Social Media Breakfast Maine how they use Facebook to interect with their fans, volunteers and members and to promote events.

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SARSSM Using Social Media to Make a Difference

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Make a Difference!
  2. 2.  Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center providing services in Cumberland & York Counties  Advocacy and support services  Awareness and prevention programs  Outreach and community organizing
  3. 3.  To strive for a world without sexual violence  To be proactive & reactive  To partner with others committed to our vision  To celebrate & advocate for personal growth & social change through adversity
  4. 4.  Direct Services ◦ 24-hour crisis & support line ◦ Support groups ◦ Advocacy  Outreach ◦ Homeless Programs/Services to Incarcerated Women ◦ Community collaboration/organizing  Education/Awareness ◦ School-based education program ◦ Community Education ◦ Professional Training ALL OUR PROGRAMS ARE FREE!!
  5. 5.  Difficult/Complicated issue to talk about  Expertise in service provision, not marketing  Competition  Scarce resources  $$$$$
  6. 6.  Free  Easy to Use  Access to our constituency  Promote the good work we do  Opportunity to reinforce messages/branding  Takes away the “scary” by demystifying who we are and what we do  Connect to allies
  7. 7.  Share agency information ◦ Services ◦ Events ◦ Fundraising ◦ Announcements ◦ Websites  Start conversations ◦ Question of the week  Highlight news stories ◦ Access to national and local news stories relevant to the issues  Link to blogs ◦ Posting of blogs discussing issues relevant to our mission Not used for service provision 24-hour Crisis & Support Line: 1.800.313.9900, TTY: 1.888.458.5599 infosars@sarsonline.org PLEASE NOTE: This page does not get checked every day, so if you need an immediate response please call our Crisis & Support Line at the number above.
  8. 8.  CHOCOLATE!!!!! SARSSM largest fundraiser, the Chocolate Lover’s Fling has it’s own page! ◦ Trivia and Fun Facts ◦ Highlighting Chocolatiers ◦ Information about the event ◦ Questions to supporters, i.e. “Brownies or Tortes?” ◦ Use FB page as part of sponsorship benefits ◦ Link to fundraising & agency websites  Online Auction ◦ Use agency FB page as a way to highlight items ◦ Direct traffic to auction website ◦ Solicit auction items
  9. 9.  TAKE BACK THE NIGHT! A large community event sponsored by SARSSM.  Has it’s own FB page  Generate excitement about the event  Get the word out  Start conversations about the issues and/or theme of the event … last year’s theme was “Take Back the Night, Take Back the Media”  Recognize community partners
  10. 10.  Identify a point person as the admin and to keep information current  Generate interest from other staff … we do this at staff meetings  Share posts from your community partners’ FB pages  Encourage your “friends” to invite others to “like” your page  Ask staff, volunteers, board members, and other supporters to “comment”.  Make it fun!