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Engaging online audiences, the case for video in business

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Peter Mata

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Engaging online audiences, the case for video in business

  1. 1. Engaging Online Audiences: The Case for Video in Business Peter Matejcek Founder & Chairman HuStream Technologies Inc.
  2. 2. Who we are? Focused on Communication Creator of Conversational Video Apps – Blends technology, methodology and human psychology – Creates dialog with multiple personas – Replicates your best spokes person
  3. 3. Why use video? Video is simply more human
  4. 4. Why use video? Everyone is watching
  5. 5. Why use video? Supply & Demand - increasing exponentially – 80,000,000 Hours Consumed Every Day (Globally) – USA 83.1% of the online population (174m) watch video – 70% increase in web video (2008->2009) – 1200 years of new video/year uploaded to YouTube – Video will make up 91% of all internet traffic by 2014
  6. 6. Why use Video? Experts see value • Influential in Product Purchase – 76% of respondents found video to be influential – Publisher’s Assoc. found that 52% of people had taken action as a result of a video. • Video is 2nd to Word of Mouth – online video is only second to word-of-mouth for its ability to influence decision makers in every stage of the consideration and purchase cycle • Improved SEO – videos are 50x more likely to be on the first page of any given search
  7. 7. Industry Standards - Video Viewer Engagement time Average time viewer watches a video 38 seconds Average time spent watching video on: Facebook 1:44 minutes referred from Twitter 1:45 minutes referred from Google Search 1:32 minutes YouTube 3:17 minutes Some advertise top average engagement time 1:20 minutes
  8. 8. Viewer Abandonment “Expect to lose 20% of your audience within the first 10 seconds of Playback.”
  9. 9. Viewer Abandonment “Viewers are equally likely to leave after 30 seconds of viewing regardless if they are watching a 2 or 5 minute clip.”
  10. 10. The key question? • SEO helps to get you seen but in this world of “information snackers”….. How does your content get heard and remembered?
  11. 11. New Industry Standard HuStream sees the world of video differently…. – Technology alone can bring you to 45 seconds. – Combine your understanding of people, what they crave, and then give them control and respect… 5-8 minutes becomes the norm!
  12. 12. Business Video Strategy Video Purpose Video Form Communication Result Wave(s) Strategy 1st Wave Information Passive / Long 1 way Information Delivery 2nd Wave Entertainment / Ads Passive / Short 1 way Awareness Next Wave Conversation Active / Short 2 way Dialogue
  13. 13. What is Conversational Video? • Conversational Video Apps – Composed of short clips, which are connected together to tell a story – Buttons are timed to appear on each video to allow the user to take control and decide how each story is told • Sample Video Apps Economic Development Microsoft - Office 10 College Recruitment
  14. 14. Hustream Difference • Audience engagement time is the measure of success • Factors that effect engagement time – Permission, Interaction & Attention • Increased audience engagement time results in; – Increased Content consumed by viewer – Increased Conversations about your brand – Increased Conversion to “Call to Action” Rates
  15. 15. Conversation Analytics – Case Study Viewer Persona Conversion Breakout August 25th - Sept 26th, 2010 2,076 viewed Conversational video
  16. 16. Business Value – Increased Productivity 1. Double the “conversations” with the same overhead 2. Engage your audience +500% longer 3. Learn to listen to your online audiences “analytics”
  17. 17. Conversational Video Apps 1. Sales & Marketing 2. Product & Service Promotion  Market research, focus  Product presentations, demonstrations & reviews groups & polling  Q&A Expert sessions  Promotions  Maintenance videos  Email Video 3. Customer Reference  Landing pages Customer Testimonials  PR Support Success Stories / Case Studies  Press Releases Customer Presentations  Event & Trade Show 4. Corporate Communications Corporate Overview  Mobile Video Executive & Staff Presentations  Website FAQ Video Corporate facilities or equipment tours Internal Communications  Video White paper  Post sale support
  18. 18. Thank you Start the Conversation peter@hustream.com www.hustream.com