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Leveraging SMEs’ Strength for INSPIRE

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Leveraging SMEs’ Strength for INSPIRE

  1. 1. www.snowflakesoftware.com Leveraging SMEs’ Strength for INSPIRE Richard Rombouts Snowflake Software
  2. 2. www.snowflakesoftware.com Software Development Off-the-Shelf Products Training and Support Snowflake Software The Data eXchange Company
  3. 3. www.snowflakesoftware.com INSPIRE at Snowflake Software GO Publisher • Create INSPIRE data • Share INSPIRE data GO Loader • Load INSPIRE data INSPIRE-as-a- Service • Let us do it for you Training • INSPIRE Essentials • GML • XML • Data Modelling Consultancy • Implementing INSPIRE • Transforming data • Implementing enterprise-sized data publication systems
  4. 4. www.snowflakesoftware.com What I want to talk about... • Experiences • Opportunities • Barriers • New initiatives • Innovation
  5. 5. www.snowflakesoftware.com Experiences • INSPIRE puts data sharing and open standards on agenda with data providers • Growing realisation that data is an asset • INSPIRE is actually being implemented across Europe; no more paper tiger • INSPIRE is often perceived as technological problem, not as an opportunity for innovation.
  6. 6. www.snowflakesoftware.com Opportunities • SMEs are agile by nature and are close to their customers making them ideal to cooperate with • Training and knowledge sharing on technical and management level still required • Other domains adopting INSPIRE-like initiatives, eg. Single European Sky and OneGeology.
  7. 7. www.snowflakesoftware.com Barriers • Long implementation timescales causing – Data providers to wait with implementation – Upfront investment and uncertain long-term revenues for SMEs • Current tendering procedures not beneficial for SMEs • Governments competing with businesses • Perceived complexness by data providers • EU not leading by example...yet
  8. 8. www.snowflakesoftware.com Leading by example 96% of open datasets from just a single organisation (<2% from EEA)
  9. 9. www.snowflakesoftware.com Leading by example Wide variety of data providers
  10. 10. www.snowflakesoftware.com New Initiatives • European Location Framework (E.L.F.) – Technical infrastructure which delivers authoratative, interoperable, cross-border geospatial reference data. • CITI-SENSE – Development of sensor-based Citizens' Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities. • UK Open Data Institute – Catalyst for the evolution of an open data culture in the UK.
  11. 11. www.snowflakesoftware.com Innovation “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney
  12. 12. www.snowflakesoftware.com Innovation requires... • Innovative data providers – More than just opening up datasets • Innovative technology providers – More than just selling software licences • Inspiration – More than just ticking the INSPIRE-box
  13. 13. www.snowflakesoftware.com Final Thoughts • INSPIRE can be a driver for open data innovation • INSPIRE is not a technological problem requiring a single software solution • SMEs have an intimate understanding of their customers and their culture. Use it! • SMEs are agile and innovative, because it is in their DNA.
  14. 14. www.snowflakesoftware.com Richard Rombouts richard.rombouts@snowflakesoftware.com @RichRombouts www.snowflakesoftware.com info@snowflakesoftware.com @sflakesoftware Learn more? Talk to me.