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Free Windows Cloud File Explorer

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This presentation gives an overview of the free SME Windows Cloud FIle Manager, an application that brings the Cloud into a users windows desktop and supports over 55 file clouds.

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Free Windows Cloud File Explorer

  1. 1. Free Windows Cloud Explorer
  2. 2. What the SME Technology does
  3. 3. ‘Open’ Cloud File Server SME takes your storage and: • Builds a file-server upon it • Enables sharing & collaboration • Add user & permissions management • Let companies works with any OS / mobile • Let companies mix and match information silos • Take away an IT headache • Backup to other clouds ! • At a price that is not premium ! Business Individual Service Provider ‘Open’ Data Access Service Access information the way you want to: • Across non supported platforms • From non supported platforms • With extra features • Additional access gateways such as WebDav • Get a single view of your data • Collaborate between storage silos easily ‘Data Access’ enablement in a box ! You provide the storage we’ll provide the platform • Web, OS and mobile enablement • in weeks not months / years ! What SME offers
  4. 4. Example of Clouds Supported
  5. 5. Free Cloud File Explorer
  6. 6. Double Click for files view Many Clouds * * More than three clouds requires a Personal or Business Account Manage Cloud Files from many different storage clouds
  7. 7. Click for dual pane view Drag / Drop either side Dual Pane View on Files Cloud PC
  8. 8. search term search across all clouds Search for files across all Clouds
  9. 9. right click on a file and choose to edit Integrated with online editing service (zoho) Edit files directly on the Cloud
  10. 10. easily get a unique secure url for any cloud file direct from your desktop Securely Sharing files
  11. 11. Manage containers / buckets Manage storage accounts What else ?
  12. 12. All this for free !
  13. 13. The paid version of the SME Windows App Suite includes Desktop Sync tools to/from Cloud(s) Mail Backup to Cloud Virtual Cloud Drive WebDav above all Clouds (cloudDav) + more Full Version
  14. 14. SME works across all clouds, across all Operating Systems, across all devices. SME adds WebDav, FTP(s) an Amazon S3 Api and encryption (amongst a heap of other things !) above any cloud SME can backup from Cloud to Cloud in real- time and we can make you Cloud look like a fileserver for employees Summary
  15. 15. SME enables business collaboration between organisations on different clouds. SME can be used “on the cloud” or “on premise” as a virtual appliance SME can cloud enable your WebDav and FTP files and make it available across all our clients and tools Summary
  16. 16. You can register for an account and download the free tools from: StorageMadeEasy.com