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Chief executive officer cover letter

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Chief executive officer cover letter

  1. 1. Chief executive officer cover letter This ppt file includes useful materials for writing cover letter such as cover letter samples, cover letter writing tips and other materials for Chief executive officer job application such as resume writing, interview questions…
  2. 2. Chief executive officer cover letter sample 1 Dear Mr Jackson As Chief Executive Officer of two firms in the past 17 years, I have offered these businesses much success, and believe I am the best choice for your Chief Executive Officer position. I have included my resume for your review. In this role, I have a number of strengths and experience that make me a distinctive and outstanding candidate for your position to include my excellent track record in: increasing profit margins by huge percentages, successful product launches ability to coordinate departments, and conducting and analyzing market competition for optimizing company marketability. I have a lot of years and skills gained to discuss with you-more than a cover letter and résumé can provide. This is why we should schedule an interview at your earliest convenience to do just this. I can be contacted at the following number: (222)-848-9055, and thank you for your time. Yours sincerely Mark Dixon Cover letter sample
  3. 3. Chief executive officer cover letter sample 2 Dear Mr Jackson Cover letter sample My greatest strengths appear to precisely match your requirements. I am enquiring about, and would like to apply for your CEO position which was advertised on the Dayjob.com website today. Based on my five years as a CEO at ..................., I believe that I have accumulated the skills and experience you are seeking. Not only do I appear to meet your exact needs, but the position is also one which I have always sought and firmly believe that I will thrive in. I have a long and consistent track record of leading very efficient departments, increasing market share and profitability, reducing costs and enhancing business operations. My keen business acumen, commercial abilities and proven decision making skills will allow me to make an immediate impact on your bottom line. I am a target driven professional who is on a single-minded mission to increase your company’s profitability and productivity. As a logical thinker I can successfully create Business Plans, develop policies, manage finances, analyse market trends, negotiate terms and close deals. Possessing substantial and successful experience of various sectors, I am confident enough to work within any changing environment where all answers may not be known up front. During a long and successful career I have achieved many of the goals that I have set myself, and am now determined to become a key component in your company’s continued expansion. It would be an honour to me if you reviewed my attached resume and invited me to an interview. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. Yours sincerely Mark Dixon
  4. 4. Useful materials for writing cover letter Cover letter sample Please visit: 4career.net, you can ref free useful materials below for your Chief executive officer job application & interview: • Top 10 cover letter samples • Top 25 tips for writing your effective cover letter • Top 8 resume samples • Free ebook: 75 interview questions and answers • Top 3 interview thank you letter samples • Top 10 secrets to win every job interview • Top 12 common mistakes in job interviews • Top 10 questions to ask employer during job interview