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Eval q 2

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Eval q 2

  1. 1. SO WHAT ARE OUR ANCILLARYTEXT’S?We have our Website to accompanythe Facebook page which connectsdirectly to the video in a interactivemanner.We have our magazine whichwould be used to advertise ourmovie through a faux foundspecial themed cover.We decided to use our poster within our website as it made a perfect homepage, therefore givingour website a more authentic feel especially since we was struggling to make a home pagebackground.
  2. 2. The way we campaigned our film was to set out as if the characters where realmissing people much like the campaign for cannibal hollocaust, where thecharacters appear to be actually missing, we thus used Facebook as the key sourceof interest, which led the audience to the site which included our main product aswell as bonus visuals and effects to make the whole missing motif that morelegitimate.The magazine was a major stepping stone when linking to our main product as itappeals and advertises our product in a whole new way mostly appealing to nicheaudiences, this is emphasized through the use of “Faux Found Special.” to give itmore authenticity we also included advertisements around for movies & other fauxfound products which you’d usually find on magazines like Empire, simply toemulate the traditional movie magazine format.SO HOW EFFECTIVE IS THIS WITHOUR MAIN PRODUCT?
  3. 3. ADDITIONAL CAMPAIGN IDEA’SAs previously stated before theFacebook page was a keycomponent in our advertisingcampaign as it brought massaudiences to our main productsthus enticing them to hopefullywatch the final movie.We also decided to make a CDcover as if we were to release aDVD Version of the film this issimply for post productionpurposes giving our campaignmore authenticity as a standaloneproduct.Another important advertising component we inputted was making a YouTube banner, so thatwhen someone is watching a movie trailer or a video somewhat related to our trailer or genre usingcookies, before the video will play either our trailer can play for 10 seconds (where they get a choiceto skip) or they can watch on, as well as a banner that just pop’s up at the bottom that would takethem to our website in a new tab thus not disturbing their viewing experience.We also implemented theuse of QR Code and amobile friendly websitefor all those who are techfriendly and wantconvenience at theirfinger tips.