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Turn customer needs into business opportunities

Slides from a webinar on The Art of Opportunity with Mural.

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Turn customer needs into business opportunities

  1. 1. THE ART OF OPPORTUNITY: Turn Customer Needs into Business Opportunities Hosted by Jim Kalbach @mural @artofopp #artofopp
  2. 2. www.theartofopportunity.net
  3. 3. ?How do established companies 
 create new growth in innovative ways
  4. 4. Old world vs. new world
  5. 5. Strategy Innovative Framework Fresh Mindset Cutting Edge Process
  6. 6. Innovative Framework
  7. 7. Traditional Strategy Strategic Innovators
  8. 8. Industry Product Market Customers Needs Experience
  9. 9. Operational Excellence Product Innovation Customer Relationship Offering Business Model Revenue Model
  10. 10. Customer Value Firm Value Ecosystem Value Low cost Differentiation Niche
  11. 11. [ How to discover an opportunity for new growth ]
  13. 13. Example | Cardinal Health
  14. 14. Example | Cardinal Health Procedure Based Delivery System (PBDS®) modules PBDS® is a medical supply chain process utilizing lean management to deliver improved data, surgical instrument standardization and revenue.
  15. 15. Functional Needs Emotional
 Needs Social
  16. 16. DISCOVER YOUR NEW GROWTH OPPORTUNITY ARTFUL INNOVATION1 2 3 4 5 THE FIVE PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS DESIGN THINKING UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER AND NONCUSTOMER COLLABORATION / CO-CREATION ACTIVE ITERATIONHUMAN-CENTERED FOCUS VISUAL THINKING AND STORYTELLING HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE Understand Customer Needs, Expectations, and Choice Identify Barriers to Consumption and Hurdles to Satisfaction Explore and Visualize Your Opportunity Three Steps for Validation and Piloting Learn from Your Pilot Present Your Validation Data How to Further Design Your Strategy Where to Look for Insights Visualize Your Growth Plan Map your Resources and Capabilities Resource Sparks: The Four Dimensions for Mapping and Assessing Resources Methods to Understand Your Firm Art of Opportunity Growth Types Frame Your Growth Opportunity Decision Making Process Visualize Your Opportunity Offering Components: Products, Services, and Customer Experience Offering Sparks: 10 Ways to Design a New Offering Creating Value: Customer Value, Firm Value, and Ecosystem Value Visualize Your Strategy Final Note on Crafting Your Strategy Revenue Model Components: Revenue Streams, Pricing Mech- anisms, and Payment Methods Revenue Model Sparks: Revenue Model Questions to Consider Four Perspectives on The Business Model Concept Our Definition of a Business Model Business Model Components: Activities, Resources, Sequence, and Roles Business Model Sparks: 8 Ways to Design a New Business Model UNDERSTAND YOUR FIRM FRAME YOUR GROWTH INITIATIVE DESIGN YOUR OFFERING SHAPE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL STRUCTURE YOUR REVENUE MODEL SET YOUR STRATEGY THE INCEPTION PHASE THE EVOLUTION PHASE THE DIFFUSION PHASE Operational Challenges Scaling Up for Best Practices CRAFT YOUR STRATEGY LAUNCH YOUR NEW GROWTH BUSINESS MASTERING THE ART: BUSINESS DESIGN THINKING WHAT IS BUSINESS DESIGN THINKING? The Five Principles of Business Design Thinking Getting Started WHAT IS STRATEGIC INNOVATION? Where to Play: Find Your Opportunity How to Play: Craft Your Strategy How to Win: Create Value The Five Principles of Business Design Thinking The Business Design Thinking Way of Working WHAT IS BUSINESS DESIGN THINKING? Persona Mapping Create an Interview Guide Customer Journey Mapping Reveal Observation Headlines Map Your Resources Map Your Ecosystem Create Your Growth Initiative Brief Explore Your Opportunity Insights Select Your Opportunity Visualize Your Opportunity Growth Initiative Brief Breakthrough Question Opportunity Report Offering Brainstorm Design Your Offering Visualize Your Current Business Model Design Your New Business Model Flip Your Business Model Assumptions Revenue Model Card Sort Set Your Strategy Visualize Your Strategy Strategy Report What to Test How to Test Start, Stop, Change, Continue Design Next Steps Visualize Your Growth Plan REPORT TEMPLATES ACTIVITIES
  17. 17. The Art of Opportunity Workshop San Francisco Bay Area March 15/16, 2017 in collaboration with www.theartofopportunity.net/training
  18. 18. DO. OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY. —YODA Jedi Master
  19. 19. Thank you.
  20. 20. QUESTIONS? www.mural.co www.theartofopportunity.net @artofopp #artofopp