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FEAR at Fort Adams '14

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2014 Orientation for the annual fundraiser at Fort Adams.

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FEAR at Fort Adams '14

  1. 1. FEAR at Fort Adams 2014 Season Orientation Presentation
  2. 2. Fort Adams Overview Welcome to Fortress of Nightmares, FEAR at Fort Adams! It’s our 10th year of FEAR... This is a brief overview of the fort, and its layout.
  3. 3. The Largest Coastal Fortification in the US Volunteer Entrance: EAST GATE
  4. 4. Volunteer Check-In/Out Scare Team: From the East Gate entrance, proceed to the Overnight Barracks for check-in, makeup, and costuming. Security/Operations: From the East Gate, proceed to the Security Office, in front of the Overnight Barracks.
  5. 5. Top View - Fort Adams
  6. 6. Haunted Officers Quarters Located in the preserved section of the fort - this attraction features some of the living quarters of military officers. Your role, will be to startle guests, and guide them through the rooms by scaring them.
  7. 7. Top View - Fort Adams
  8. 8. Carn”evil” Midway Fun carnival games for all to enjoy! Volunteers at this attraction will sell tickets to and oversee the gameplay.
  9. 9. Top View - Fort Adams
  10. 10. Tunnels of Terror Located in the South-West corner of the fort, this attraction is where a majority of volunteers will end up spending their time. Please note: If you have any known medical conditions that can be agitated by theatrical atmospheric fog, strobe lights, UV lighting, laser lights, or close and enclosed spaces, please do not enter this attraction. Instead, ask to volunteer in another part of the fort.
  11. 11. Top View - Fort Adams
  12. 12. When you first arrive All volunteers should plan to arrive by 5pm. ● Check In ○ Scare Team - obtain your scaring location and costume/makeup requirements ○ Security - check in at the security office, and wait there until dispatched. ○ Volunteer Care - sign in with management, and begin nightly setup. ○ Operations - sign in with management, and begin nightly setup. Important: The East Gate entrance will be open for volunteers only from 4:40-5: 15. It will then CLOSE until we officially open at 6:00pm.
  13. 13. Top View - Fort Adams
  14. 14. During the Event ● Please don’t leave your location open. If you must leave your location, please inform security, and they will backfill while you’re away. ● No food or sugary drinks are allowed in the Tunnels of Terror or Officers Quarters. Water is allowed. Our concern is nightly creatures like skunks and racoons. We greatly appreciate your help with this! ● Snacks and Beverages are available each night inside the barracks. A volunteer care team member will be making rounds with food and drinks during the night.
  15. 15. When we close... ● Closing time is 10pm - however, that is when we stop ticket sales. We may run until 11pm some nights. This is unlikely, but it can happen. If you must leave, please be sure to sign out properly. ● All volunteers must sign out for the night inside the barracks. If you don’t sign out, we may call you to verify you have left, so we know no one is locked in the fort. ● Security will announce closing time, and will patrol the fort from the front, to the back, and make sure all volunteers have been accounted for. Please wait in your location for a security team member to announce the closure.